TIP (To Increase Possibilities) Tuesday

April 25, 2017

Welcome to TIP (To Increase Possibilities) Tuesday where I give you a nugget that can help you build a gold mine.

Write down your first name or industry keyword and put the word Interview right next to it.

For example my name is DERRICK so I started to give a DERRICK Interview with others that were an expert entrepreneur athlete or philanthropist.

The industry I work in is education with an emphasis in autism so I created the AUTISM where I interview parents so that they can help other parents who have children on the spectrum.

After you write down your name or keyword give a special keyword for each letter in your name or industry word.

For example the words for the DERRICK Interview are Dream Education Resources Ready Individual Challenges and Keys.

The next thing you can do is to put your word into a question that you can ask others. In the DERRICK Interview the D is for Dream so I ask people all over the world, what is your Dream?

You can add more life to your blog interview series by including pictures, bios and social media links. Here is a link to the questions in my DERRICK Interview along with some of the other DERRICK Interviews that I have donehttps://encouragementspeaker.wordpress.com/derrick-interview/

The AUTISM Interview series was pitched to and picked up by Autism Parenting Magazine and their website where you can subscribe to and receive these interviews and more is http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com

Don’t delay and start your interview series today and you will see in a few days how this process can pave a way.


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New York Blog Series Announcement

November 28, 2011

If you have never got in your car and drove for hours one day find the time to do it. As a unit we all teamed up to travel and visit my wife’s family in Brooklyn, NY and we made the track all the way from Columbus, Ga.  With stops overnight in Baltimore, MD on the way up to New York and in Charlotte, NC  on the way back home we were treated to life and love through friends, family and the experience.

When my wife suggested that we drive I thought she was crazy. If we would of flew I would of missed out on a lot of the great stories that I’m able to tell you. I look forward to share my experiences with you in hopes that you get inspired to travel where life is ready to take you.

Like my friend Ty Howard always says ‘Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained.”    Through the New York Blog series I will take you from Columbus, Ga to Brooklyn, New York and back.

Are you ready for the NY Blog Series? Tomorrow will arrive with the New York Blog Series Part 1.