Happy Mother’s Day

May 18, 2019
Happy Mothers Day to all the parents. In the spirit of my Mom Barbara Ann Hayes who raised me to believe I was a super hero where even in adversity I would think I could make the impossible possible and that one day the world would see me as a sunflower where her son would be a flower that would produce fruit.
With Bow Tie Monday tomorrow I put myself in position to have a choice to which tie I would wear. I had already made one with the Avengers and one with Sunflowers. Over the weekend something happened where Roderick Winfrey, Antonio Webb, TQ Eberhart, and Cua’Sean Young from Shaw High School in Columbus, Georgia won the 2019 Championship in the Class 4A Boys 4×100 Meter Relay so in honor of these four young men that carry themselves through the hallways with character I had to create one in their honor with CHAMPS.
In my Mothers name I honor these guys because we live in a culture and community where we are quick to see who is in the paper for negativity but slow to give light and love when they do it right in a positive way. As I leave this message this was inspired by track and field because off the track these four African Americans that look like me are on track to be a champion in any field that they enter after High School.

Polka Dot

April 15, 2019

Bow Tie Monday so don’t knock what you do just put your best on and rock what you do.

Black History Moment for Bow Tie Monday

February 26, 2018
Welcome to the Bow Tie Monday Black History Month Motivational Moment.
This Black History Month Motivational Moment was inspired by Carol Coakley after she told me at church that she looked forward to see my next Bow Tie. As soon as I walked into Friendship Missionary Baptist Church for service and saw everyone decked out in their African attire I knew that I had to come correct and pay my ancestors respect.
In the word Black you have B and Lack. Many of us Lack because we don’t know how great we can B. In the word History there is Hi and Story. In order to make History you have to say Hi to your Story.
When I went to the store to find a pattern to make my tie for today the clerk was asked by another customer if they had a pattern that would fit Black History. After only 30 seconds of searching she gave up and said for something like that we would have to order it. I told the other customer don’t worry about what someone else couldn’t find for you because before I entered the store I looked into the word African.
In the word African you have AFR for Always Find Resources with I and Can because every time I say “I Can” I Always Find Resources.
This is just a Moment so put on your Bow Tie and make whatever you do a Movement.