6 Things That Can Make Your Network THRIVE

June 23, 2015

CharlesThe Charles A. Archer Story with Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes.

Charles A. Archer is a lawyer, author, speaker, professor, entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of The THRIVE Network. Archer is the author of the “Everybody Paddles” book compilations that provide strategies to building a unified team through leadership. In 2011, Archer served as a Cuba Research Delegate with the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), for which he has also lectured.

Before his CEO assignment for The THRIVE Network, Archer served as an Associate Executive Director to the InterAgency Council of Mental Retardation & Developmental Disability Agencies of New York, where he liaised with state agencies and community and government organizations on behalf of the mentally disabled and disadvantaged. Archer worked closely with local, state and federal legislators and contributed to shaping the programs and policies that directly impacted this group.

During my interview with Charles A. Archer I realized that he is someone who not only wants you to survive, but THRIVE and to help you do so through each letter in the word THRIVE we give you 6 Things That Can Make Your Network THRIVE.

How do you find, develop and share Talent?EvrydayPeoplesBook

(Charles A. Archer) We find talent by being an employer of choice.  Once people are at The THRIVE Network we cultivate learning from orientation throughout their tenure with our organization.  Talent is shared by offering growth opportunities and recognition of performance.

What Habits can make and break you and what habits can help you breakthrough?

(Charles A. Archer) The habit of tenaciousness can propel individuals forward and also exhaust you at the same time. The breakthrough occurs by giving yourself permission to reflect, rejuvenate and refocus.

When you have no Resources what makes you want to turn that dream into something? 

(Charles A. Archer) The human spirit finds resources for the things that support our dreams.  The challenge is dreaming big enough and not accepting the limitations of resources.

How do you find the right Individuals to play their parts in your motion picture?

(Charles A. Archer) The right individuals, or actors in motion pictures, are developed.  People grow, develop and support each other differently based on exposure, experiences and explanation. We would like to believe that we are the right one at various times but if the truth is told, we become the right people over time.

What do you do to keep your Vision from perishing?

(Charles A. Archer) I prime.  Priming is the activity of putting oneself into the proper state of mind.  I live in a state of knowing that my life and work matters and adds value daily.

Why do you do what you do and keep Enduring through the rain and pain?

(Charles A. Archer) As the eldest of eight, there are marginal differences being 15+ years with someone. This makes my life and work an example for them as well as others.

When you have the right Talent, Habits, Resources, Individuals, Vision and Endurance your life will change because you will have the 6 Things That Can Make Your Network THRIVE.

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Today’s word is Subway

January 31, 2012

Last November I traveled to New York and caught the Subway train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This morning I speak to Subway Managers at their Annual Meeting. Your journey will feed souls.


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New York Blog Series Part 5: Thanksgiving Football In Brooklyn New York

December 12, 2011

In my wildest dreams the last thing I thought I would do during my trip was to play football on Thanksgiving Day in Brooklyn, NY. My Brother In Law Charles plays every year. Charles suprised me in how athletic he was. At 42 he has an outisde chance to suit up on Sundays in the NFL.

Hanging out in NY with my Brother In Law Charles

Before the game  started everyone showed love to each other with handshakes and hugs. I blended in like I was one of them. Not one person treated me like I was from out of town. In the south you hear rumors about how unfriendly New Yorkers can be. It was a great display of hope for each other. All I saw was black on black time.

After the hugs and hellos it was game time. Touch Football with a Tackle Football feel. The rules were simple, it’s touch but if you get a chance to knock someone off their feet through a block or by preventing them from catching the ball by all means do it.

Are You Ready For Ready For Football?

Our team lost 7 touchdowns to 4. Charles scored 1 touchdown and had 1 interception. I had 2 catches that both went for firstdowns. We lost our momentum when Charles went out injured. Charles went for a pass and ran his thigh into a pole. Yes a pole. The playing field was a school playground that still had basketball goals up.

Football Game MVP who represents the Army

After the game I ate like a grown man and slept like a baby. This is what you are supposed to do on Thanksgiving Day.

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New York Blog Series Part 3: Brooklyn Bound

December 1, 2011

No place like home at least for my wife it is. She was born and raised in the East New York part of Brooklyn. As soon as we came across the bridge we stopped by and picked up the one and only Shirley Pazant.  Shirley is the mother that started it all for my wife and her brothers and sisters.

Shirley Pazant

Could you imagine that the first time you meet your brother in law you have to really look up to him? Glenn Ford is a gentle Giant that once played for Penn State University. You can now find Mr. Ford as one New York City’s finest Driver Education Instructors.

Kim and Big Brother Glenn

We stayed with Kim sisters family The Foreman’s. Pam is a few years older than Kim and with her husband Charles they have two great children.

The Foreman's

When the sisters hang out the husbands get talked about and the money gets spent.  In other words they have a great time together. There is nothing wrong with some New York sisterly love.

Pam and Kim

During the visit I got to hang out with Shirley Pazant’s grand daughter and great grand daughter. Jazime who is a hard working young lady in the Dental industry is the mother of Kaydence and the daughter of Katherine Pazant.

Kim with Jazmine and Kaydence

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New York Blog Series Announcement

November 28, 2011

If you have never got in your car and drove for hours one day find the time to do it. As a unit we all teamed up to travel and visit my wife’s family in Brooklyn, NY and we made the track all the way from Columbus, Ga.  With stops overnight in Baltimore, MD on the way up to New York and in Charlotte, NC  on the way back home we were treated to life and love through friends, family and the experience.

When my wife suggested that we drive I thought she was crazy. If we would of flew I would of missed out on a lot of the great stories that I’m able to tell you. I look forward to share my experiences with you in hopes that you get inspired to travel where life is ready to take you.

Like my friend Ty Howard always says ‘Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained.”    Through the New York Blog series I will take you from Columbus, Ga to Brooklyn, New York and back.

Are you ready for the NY Blog Series? Tomorrow will arrive with the New York Blog Series Part 1.