The DAILY Message for Wednesday April 9th, 2014

April 9, 2014

AskDerrickAboutEach week day Derrick Hayes encourages you through a Derricknym, App and Idea to Lift You.

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  • Derricknym: Point Of Know RETURN (Realizing Everyone’s Talent and Using Resources Now).
  • App: Today’s word is Important. Do you know what things are important to your life? Do you spend a lot of time doing things that are just not that important to you? Receive Today’s word in Motivation To Your Mobile app on Android and i-phones.
  • Idea: What do they call you for?

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Back Of The Jersey To You

January 17, 2013

Moss[Written by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes] [Inspired by Randy Moss] [Photo by Huffing Post]

The UK is famous for saying, ‘top of the morning to you.” The National Football League fans have a new saying with “Back Of The Jersey To You.” They say it because that is what they see every time Randy Moss scores a touchdown. Randy Moss  Hall of Fame career does all of the talking for him. Here are things you won’t see Moss do for a touchdown celebration.

1. No River Dance like Chad Johnson.

2. No Cha Cha like Victor Cruz.

3. No Dunking like Tony Gonzalez.

4. No Discount Double Check  like Aaron Rodgers.

5. No spiking like people that never score.

6. No spinning just for a first down.

7. No popcorn like T.O.

8. No Tebowing like Tim Tebow.

End zone entertainment is fun but Moss is at a point in his career with statistics that leaves you simply in awe where all he does now is score, hand the ball to the referee and point to his name that shouts, “Back Of the Jersey to You.”

In Proverbs 22:1 it says  “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” The name Moss signifies that something is coming your way, people know it and still can’t stop you.

Since we may never know when another Randy Moss will come our way again, win or lose I would like to see him go deep for a touchdown in the Georgia Dome against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship, hand the ball to the referee and right after that point to his name so I can say this with the others millions of fans watching from home, “Back Of The Jersey To You.”

The 12 Days of DERRICK Interviews

December 9, 2012

Last night I attended our Christmas party at Friendship Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia and the Minister of Music Brother Christopher Wallace led a stirring version of the 12 Days of Christmas with members singing their part based on where they were seated. When I woke this morning an idea came to me to turn the 12 Days of Christmas into my version of the 12 Days of DERRICK Interview so that I can promote you and what you do.

On the 12 Days of DERRICK Interviews experts and entrepreneurs gave to me.

12 DERRICK Interviews with Bestselling Authors.

11 DERRICK Interviews with CEO’s.

10 DERRICK Interviews Non Profit Organizers.

9 DERRICK Interviews with Athletes.

8 DERRICK Interviews with Community Activists.

7 DERRICK Interviews with Actors/Actresses.

6 DERRICK Interviews with Scholars.

5 DERRICK Interviews with Teenagers.

4 DERRICK Interviews with American Idols.

3 DERRICK Interviews with Inventors.

2 DERRICK Interviews with Talk Show Hosts

And 1 DERRICK Interview with President Barack Obama.

In 2013 promote you and what you do with a DERRICK Interview.

Today’s word is Chosen

September 3, 2012

There is a popular bible verse that says many are called but few are chosen. Competition is less because many choose not to accept their calling. What have you been chosen for?

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes inspired Motivation Your Mobile to bring an original quote daily to Android and I Phone users.

Today’s word is Calling

June 14, 2012

Every time the phone rings you pick up. Do you answer to what you are called to do? A calling has a ring to it that never stops buzzing inside you. When people dial into your calling they never get a busy signal.

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There’s More In STORE For You – Poem

January 26, 2012

Copyright 2011 © by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

I thought when I reached the mountain top

My dream would complete and suddenly stop

Even when I was called to the valley low

My passion spoke up with no no no

Opportunities get rushed

Dreams get crushed

People get flushed

Enough is enough

Think about what you say before you say

Do what’s right in order to make pay

Help others along the way

Even the ones that will not stay

Did deep with boots and shovel

Get ready to reach the next level

When it’s all said and done

Your arm will be raised and they’ll say you won

Never forget………….There’s More In STORE For You.

Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today’s Honoree, and blogs at the Encouragement Speaker.