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April 11, 2016

“Don’t lose your career because of how you treat a PEER (Purpose Employment Energy is Required).”   ”


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Why It’s Important to Build Relationships in College

October 16, 2013

KristyHBy Kristy Hessman

Whether you know it or not, the relationships you form as a college student are invaluable to your future. From the day you move into your dorm, to the day you walk across the stage with your graduation sash, gown and cap in place, you have the opportunity to make connections that can change the course of both your personal and professional future.

That’s why it’s a great idea to get involved in a wide variety of clubs and organizations during your time in undergraduate or graduate school. It may seem like common sense if you are interested in, say, politics to get involved in student government, but there are a number of organizations – from sororities, to fraternities, to sports clubs, to service organizations – that can help you expand your network of connects beyond your usual comfort zone.

I myself have countless examples of how the close friends I met while in college influenced and changed the course of my life, but what really surprises me is how many of my college connections turned out to benefit my professional future.

I attended undergraduate school at Oregon State University. The school didn’t have a formal journalism school but it did have Liberal Arts major, which was my major. I graduated with a BS in Liberal Arts with a media focus and a minor in business. During my time at OSU I spent three years working at the school newspaper where I met a number of colleagues and friends with similar professional interests. After going on to graduate school and later getting a job as a reporter, I used a number of my connections to help start my career.

Later, after having worked as a journalist and then spending years in the corporate marketing and communications field, I was ready to return to writing. I reached out to a college friend who I had worked with at the student newspaper. She was able to get me my first freelance gig with a financial publication. As I became more established as a freelance writer, a different colleague from the same student newspaper got in touch with me to help a friend of his who needed some writing done for his newly started venture. That then led to another freelance contract from his friend who owned a small business. And it all started because of the relationships I built as a student back at Oregon State University. The moral of the story? Never take for granted the relationships you can build while in college (and beyond).

Kristy Hessman is an Oregon State Alumni and freelance writer who lives and writes San Francisco, California.

DERRICK Interview with Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado

January 24, 2013

RichSalgadoEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado who in 1988 founded Coastal Advisors, LLC. as a way of keeping his clients protected and making their lives better. After a strong college football career at the

University of Maryland, Rich understands the importance of athletes and corporate figures and safeguarding their lives, careers and families. The mantra that he tries to get across to athletes is that you need disability insurance now because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

With his stellar knowledge and relationships that have developed over the years, Rich has the ability to speak with GMs, NFL, NHL and MLB draft picks and veterans about disability and career ending insurance. In the last three years alone, Rich has seen a significant increase in insuring college players in their senior year. Within the past five years, Rich has insured more than 30 1st Round NFL picks for disability, career ending insurance, as well as life insurance and estate planning. Coastal Advisors not only insures players but also insures teams and the contracts that they offer their players.

A staple in the world of sports business media, Rich has become a regular on FOX News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends and the FOX Business Network, while also making appearances on ESPN, FOX Sports, NFL Network and Bloomberg News. Further, the Wall Street Journal, Sports Business Journal, NFL Network, Sports Illustated, Newsday, the New York Post and many other journalistic websites have profiled his business. Traveling more than half the year and attending more sporting events than most dream of, an average day includes texting Justin Tuck, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Bush and Michael Strahan, having pregame rituals with NFL owners like NY Giants’ John Mara and traveling with Scott Gomez to name a few. Rich’s comprehensive insurance strategies and ability to complete the loop of communication, is the major reason for his success.

In addition to the business at hand, Rich finds time to give back and support charities both within his hometown area of New York City and nationwide.  He supports his clients’ many philanthropic efforts such as Justin Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy, The Health & Humanitarian Aid Foundation and The North Shore LIJ Health System. Rich recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Nassau County Sports Commission. Currently in the 2nd year, the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic is a big fundraiser that supports the neurological studies at North Shore LIJ and to build children’s aneurysm center.

D is for Dream. What is your Dream?

My dream was to be a teacher and a football coach but my dream changed directions due to wanting to be a football player. I wasn’t good enough to be a professional athlete and I did go to school with players that went on to play in the NFL. One of those players was Neil O’ Donnell who was my roommate and played successfully for many years. Neil played on two teams that went to the Super Bowl, Steelers and Titans. I was able to land a career in the Insurance services business. In this business, I help athletes both on and off the field; protecting their careers and their families. My goal is to make sure that ALL athletes and business professionals understand the value of having someone like myself in their camp and part of their team. Professionals should stick to their profession and not pretend to know it all. As for what I have achieved, I’m not done achieving. My passion is to protect my friends, clients, and associates and educate them all.

E is for Encourage. What Encourages you?

What encourages me is that people now welcome me as a professional. I have some of the biggest and most successful names in sports, television and media that not only utilize Coastal Advisors, LLC services, but also refer me to their peers.  Ten years ago, I was some BIG GUY and nobody knew what I did. I believe I have changed that perception and that has given me the confidence to walk in any room regardless of who is there. I walk in proud knowing that I do so many things and work so many hours to build and gain confidence of clients. This encourages me and keeps me working hard for my clients. I have also survived an Aneurysm in 2008. I could not believe that happened to me and it was a lonely time in my life but prayers and great care from North Shore -Long Island Jewish Medical Center got me through it.

R is for resource. What Resource do you have that makes you stand out or unique?

The resources that I bring to the table is having 18 years of experience and a client list that speaks for itself. I wouldn’t be working with the clients that I have if I was not considered an expert in my field. Everybody in sports, media, agents, financial advisors, business managers know me as “BIG DADDY” because I stand out for my size.

This nickname has helped to brand my name. Most players in all sports may not do business with me but they are told that when they get to NYC, call Big Daddy. It is always a pleasure to help anybody regardless of the profession.

R is for Ready. When did you know you were Ready for what you are doing now?

I knew I was ready when I started because I had a niche market in place since I was a kid growing up. I had relationships that started when I was in high school. I owe a lot of people for helping me along the way. One of those people is Bill Hampton Jr who was my dear friend who passed away last year. Billy gave me the opportunity to work for him on occasion and introduced me to the players, media heads and executives. Billy later on became an executive at the NFL and then after became a VP of the Cleveland Browns. The second is Mike Newsome who currently works at Nike. He was my roommate for seven years, my best friend and my brother.

There is also Neil O’ Donnell, who was my roommate in college and post graduation when we lived in Pittsburgh. Lastly, Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. I learned from Ronnie the importance of phone calls, extra cell phone batteries and networking!

I is for individual. Can you name at least one Individual that we should learn more about and why?

WOW!  There are so many people that it is a challenge for me. Well, the one that comes to mind is Rick Bellando, who is the Chairman of the NY State Independence Party. He works at the Oheka Castle in Long Island. A couple was getting married there once and the person needed a kidney transplant. Rick was a match and he donated one of his. Such an INCREDIBLE STORY about one human giving up their kidney for another. Check out to learn more about Rick and the wonderful place he runs.

C is for Continue. When things look bleak or are not optimistic what makes you want to Continue?

Well, I have a self-motivating button. My business is very difficult and people run the opposite direction when it comes to talking about insurance. This business has a negative stigma on it and my job each day is to make people feel comfortable with my services and teach them why they need my services. I also have to make sure they are insured properly meaning that they have the right amount of coverage. There are a lot of sales made in the insurance world that only benefit the sales person and not the client. What makes me continue is that I want to be successful. I want to be a role model in this field as well as in the world of business. Being successful doesn’t mean being the wealthiest it means that I can be looked upon as person people can trust.

K is for Key. What Keys to success can you leave for others?

My key to success is working tireless hours, knocking on all doors and collecting every business card I could get a hold of. I currently use social media to endorse my company, to reach out to athletes, media, parents, agents as well as business owners. I have the good fortune for being on air to discuss my business and my company. You can go to to see some of my on air shows as well as the publications that I have been featured in.  My website also, is very informative on my services.

I recommend meeting people of all races, businesses and walks of life. People sometimes think that I only work with athletes and that is far from the truth. I work with business owners, my old mailman and many others as you never know who one day might be working in the mailroom then later on is running the company. People in the world of football know whom I am talking about when you read this last sentence.

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The Importance of Higher Education

January 14, 2013

Var by Levar Kelly

Why do I think an education is important?

There are many people who are re-considering the importance of higher education. This is because of the various models – from people to companies, etc. – that have had success without formal college education. However, what people fail to realize is that education is a part of maturity, elevation and finding one’s self. Many people who has had success with or without education, had to have some form of education. Education is a source for knowledge. It doesn’t just come from school, institutes, and colleges. They come from a plethora of various sources of knowledge. Some individuals learn on their own, from mentors, and from apprenticeship. For me, a higher edification allowed me to find me. It allowed me to find out that I’m analytical, a thinker, and a writer who loves to think in the abstract. Many people find their identity in various stages of their life.

However, a higher education with the intent of finding one’s purpose, will benefit the individual. It will help to stimulate the right thoughts and the right views to help the individual find out who they are and their full capacity. Education has not just allowed me to have a career in the pharmaceutical industry as an analyst, but it has allowed me to travel nationally and internationally to teach people who have yet to hear the power of knowledge. I share some of my knowledge now through the web and other internet resources.

Var Kelly’s Educational Background:

Major/Degree and Name of School: Secular – Bachelor of Chemistry, from City University of New York, York College Religious – Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate of Religious Education from New Greater Bethel Bible Institute Career Field: Secular – Senior Analytical Chemist Religious – Professor at Christ Life Bible Institute & Seminary.

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The DAILY (Derricknyms, Apps and Ideas to Lift You) Message for Monday.

November 19, 2012

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2. Today’s word is Jeopardy. You are great for $400. Do what you can while you can so one day you won’t be all alone with no food in the can. What will be the question that defines you on Jeopardy?  This is brought to you by Motivation Your Mobile and you can download Today’s word to your Android or I Phone.

3. Idea for today is to ask for some business.

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Derrick Hayes GRADUATION article makes it into BOSS Magazine.

April 16, 2012

Daily I write quotes and distribute them through out my social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In that can also be downloaded as the Motivation To Your Mobile Android and iPhones app.

On April 5th here is what my message was:

Today’s word is Graduate. High Schools and Colleges will soon have Graduations. Look in your life and find ways to graduate from doing negative to celebrating positive.

Once Howard Clay who is the editor in chief of B.O.S.S. Magazine read the quote he immediately wanted me to write it into an extended article.

Please go to B.O.S.S. Magazine and turn to page 44. and read my “GRADUATION” article.

Mr. Hayes is truly in touch with the needs of the minority community today. His encouraging “word of the day” may be the difference in someone’s life. We are glad to have him contribute to the success of B.o.S.S. Emagazine. – Howard Clay, Editor In Chief of B.O.S.S. Magazine

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What Words Of Encouragement Can You Give To Others?

March 11, 2012

If you had to inspire or encourage someone in your industry what would you say? The title in the subject will be Words Of Encouragement For (Your Industry title). For example if you are a nurse your title will be Words Of Encouragement For Nurses.

The following information is needed for you to be blogged giving Words Of Encouragement to others in your industry.

1. What is your industry title?

2. If you had to inspire or encourage someone in your industry what would you say? (100 words minimum to 500 words maximum)

3. Picture if you have one.

4. Video clip if you have one. (Embeded code from You Tube is preferred)

5. Website or blog link

6. Key words for your industry

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PAY Your Child To Read

September 18, 2011

When we PAY it forward things will happen for our youth. It’s not a bad thing for you to put some money in your children’s pocket. Literary opportunities might light the bulb for the next great inventor.

P is for Push. Encourage children to learn everyday. Ask them what they have learned and what they could teach from what they learned.

A is for Assist. Don’t just ask them, open the books with them and read. You could even start a two person book club. Every time they read you will be able to follow them and when you read they will be able to follow you.

Y si for Yearn. Find out what the passion is for your children. Push and Assist your kids to find out what they want to be in life. When you see signs of their calling tap into their gifts by buying them books and other learning material. Children learn more when they want to learn more.

PAY Your Child To Read and you will not only have stay power but you will have PAY Power. When children PAY attention they are in a better position to earn better PAY in the future.

Author’s speaking career takes off

December 23, 2008

By Nikki Preston 

Hamilton businesswoman Maria Carlton literally stumbled on to the public speaking circuit as a means to promote her first book.

 But she soon discovered it is not just celebrities who are in demand to make guest appearances. There is a big market for professional business speakers, with the best earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and being booked to present up to three talks a week.

And after her debut as a public speaker five years ago to promote her book The Power of Promotional Products she is still speaking at a professional level on a broad range of subjects. The topics include how to market and run a business to inspirational talks about being a young mother raising two children alone.

 “Speaking is a really good way of promoting books if you are an author.

“And I decided if I was going to do it that like most things I want to do, I would do it as well as I could.”

 It is perhaps that mentality that led to her being named the 2008 National Speakers’ Association’s Business Person of the Year.

 The award is also a boost to her speaking career and has already resulted in more speaking opportunities. She has been asked to talk at the National Speakers’ Association conference in Australia.

 “They only invite the big guns, so it’s really good to finally be in that category,” Ms Carlton said.

 She finds business audiences often need reassurance and encouragement.

“They want to know that most of what challenges they have are quite normal to anybody else and there are ways of working through them,” she said.

 “They also want an inspirational speaker to tell them that this is not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out and there are other options.”

 Her business knowledge comes from 20 years of experience of being self-employed, most recently running her own publishing firm, Maruki Books. Before that she ran a promotional products company and she has been a business coach and consultant for six years.

Maruki Books is a result of Ms Carlton expanding her role as an author to also help other non-fictional authors create, market and distribute books.

 This year, she helped two authors including Ann Andrews who wrote Excellent Employment to sell their work to international publishers.

Her talks range from business topics to inspirational subjects because she also finds herself speaking to a lot of women’s groups based on her experience of having to pick up the pieces and carry on when her husband died when she was pregnant with their second child 11 years ago.

But with her speaking career taking off, these days she finds herself split between being a mother, publisher, author and an award-winning international speaker.

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