DERRICK Interview with Dr. Derek “Doc” Worley

June 11, 2013

DocWorleyEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Dr. Derek “Doc” Worley who at 46 sustained but overcame a massive stroke which left him paralyzed on one side and without the ability to talk.  However, by the sheer grace of God who in his great  wisdom,orchestrated a great team of doctors, physical, occupational  and speech therapists to “put him back together again” and as Doc says, “the greatest wife known to man”, Barbara, who made sure that we all complied and adhered to the cause.

Doc Worley received his B.S in Professional Biology from North Carolina A&T University and was awarded his Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine at Des Moines University School of Osteopathic Medicine and
Health Sciences.  After finishing his residency program in Oakland, San Francisco and Vacaville, CA., Doc and Barbara, also a doctor, opened a medical practice in North Carolina. After a few years, Doc started
itching to speak, meet and build and Barbara heard him scratch, so she kicked him out of the warm office for the freezing grounds of sales, marketing and the speaking circuit.  It was at that time that Doc
experienced almost all types of sales known to man…from health saving accounts to burial plots, legal services to financial services, real estate sales to car sales,  in home vacuum cleaner sales to in home
cabinet refacing to in trunk and in store cellular phone sales, vitamin sales to water sales and projects sales to project funding.

Doc is not too shy or ashamed to tell you….in a humble way that he has gained from all of his experiences. Doc has recently been accepted for PhD studies in Business Administration with a concentration in International business from North Central University. Why?…because he just wants to help more. Grady, his ventriloquist partner, will leave you in stitches when he visits occasionally.  Let the fun begin!

D is for Dream. What is your Dream?

My dreams is to share joy and encouragement to the world by teaching principles of faith, perseverance and love that will penetrate doubt, discouragement and fear.

E is for Encourage. What Encourages you?

My source of encouragement is Jesus Christ.  It is through Him that I exist and have been made better.

R is for Resource. What Resource do you have that makes you unique?

Networking is the key to collaborative efforts being taken to the next level.  Shared talents encourages greater dimensions, depths and perspectives which produces greater meaning, productivity and awareness. You can win with teamwork!

R is for Ready. When did you know you were ready for what you are doing now?

I knew that I was destined to speak at an early age because I always felt the need to connect compassion and humor with substance and inspiration to ease the frustration, fears and emptiness in people.  Through the test of time with trials and tribulations, the need has become greater.

I is for Individual. Name at lease one Individual that we should learn more about and why?

Jesus Christ is my source if inspiration.  He suffered, endured and walked on water, yet he was talked about, spit on and beaten, yet he loved and never sinned.

C is for Continue. What makes you want to Continue when things don’t look optimistic?

Trials have been a great teacher for me.  They have taught me that troubles will not last forever and joy will come in the morning. I will never give up.

K is for Key. What Keys to success can you leave for others?

The keys of success are determined by your level of passion, positive attitude, moral servitude, tenacity, perseverance, focused vision and strength in God.

Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

Leadership is having the ability to follow a mission with great intensity, undying determination, acceptance of responsibility, rendering no excuses and not caring who gets the credit as long as the mission is accomplished in truth and dignity!

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