Important Facts About Richard Daley College

December 3, 2013

RichardDaleyby Jo D

Richard Daley College situated in Chicago is perhaps one of the most popular colleges in the ‘Windy City’. With varieties of courses focusing on academic and vocational lessons, it has welcomed thousands of students in its compounds. Affordable fee structures and generous scholarship programs offered by the college has made it an attractive place to study for students from many different backgrounds.

Here are some important facts about ‘Daley’ — as it’s known to people associated with it:

Part of the City Colleges of Chicago

Daley is one of the 7 colleges in the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) group. CCC is the largest community college system in Illinois with more than a million alumni members. The college grants two-year degrees after which the graduate students can opt to transfer to 4 year institutions.

Numerous choices of academic programs

Richard Daley College hosts a multiple array of choices in academic programs for students. More than 25 different 2-year degree programs are available to choose from. With a good and dynamic administrative team managing the college, the varieties of courses are growing every year.

Ranging from popular courses like accounting, biology, physics or business administration, to specialized courses including medical insurance coding or phlebotomy, the college offers diverse choices. The college also have distance education courses.

Significant percentage of students with grants and scholarships

Nearly 80% of students of Daley receive scholarships and grants, which is a fairly high percentage. Based on student merits and needs, the college grants financial aid to deserving students generously. Daley’s students also have the option to apply to scholarship schemes funded by businesses, community organization or private institutions. On average, nearly 18% of in-state tuitions and 13% of out-state tuitions are funded by grants at Daley.

Diverse ethnic presence

Students from various ethnic and racial backgrounds study at Daley. The college seems to be a popular choice among Hispanic students in Chicago, with more than 60% of the total population. Besides them, blacks, whites and Asian student are also present at Daley in sizable numbers, making it a wonderful multi-ethnic hotspot.

A large sized institution

There are more than 8,000 students admitted to the college, making it a big institution in the city. Hence, the opportunities at Richard Daley College are often better, compared to smaller institutions. The student to faculty ratio of the college stands at 39:1, which is fairly good for such a large college.

Career Counseling, employment and placement services

Through its strong network, Daley is well regarded as an institution that provides good career guidance to its students. Ranging from special career counseling programs within its premises, to employment and placement services for its graduates, it’s definitely a good institution to enroll in — especially for students who want to start off their career on a serious note.

Good athletics and extra-curricular activities

Varieties of athletics and extra-curricular activities are encouraged by administrators at Richard Daley College. Basketball and soccer are the most popular sports among students. The college houses 4 NJCAA teams named ‘bulldogs’ which include both men and women teams. Other activities like music, plays, excursions and tours also serve to be among some important extra-curricular activities encouraged by the college. On the whole, Daley is regarded to be a good place to study for students interested in extra-curricular activities.

Comprehensive library facilities

The library at Daley can be considered as a pretty good facility. It houses more than 65,000 books and printed materials. Besides the fact that it also has nearly 2000 audio-visual materials, it also boasts of having more than 10000 eBooks in its portfolio.

Satellite Campus offering specialized programs

Daley hosts a sister satellite campus within its premises called the Arturo Velasquez Institute. It provides specialized community and professional skills based courses within the two year associate program framework, or as some special basic and advanced certificate programs. It also hosts special adult education programs — free of cost. These courses have been designed by the management to help its surrounding communities.

Richard Daley College can be considered as a large multi-disciplinary community college, which caters to the needs and demands of students in a variety of ways. Because of this, more and more students regard it as one of the finest colleges in Chicago.

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