LGBT Events

March 25, 2020

LBGT Events in Columbus, Georgia are brought to you and presented by Columbus Colgay Pride and Diversity Saturday and Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” was invited out to perform and share his LGBT motivational message with L for Lesson instead of Lesbian, G for Gift instead of Gay, B for Belief instead of Bisexual and T for Transformation instead of Transgender.

Thank you! That was so amazing!!! I’m going to start sharing your information today! That was an awesome motivational message that touched me so deeply! Then for you to even take the time to make that beautiful message for me… I was just speechless. Which doesn’t happen often! I love what you do!!!  It was so inspiring. I was feeling a little down and you changed my entire day! Which in turn changed other people’s day… like a ripple effect. ️Perfect example of what spreading positivity and love can and will do!

Marcie Campbell – Columbus Colgay Pride Diversity Saturday’s Volunteer Outreach/Marketing Director and Board Member

Team SALGADO: Richard and Fay Talk Relationships to help Others Build Championships

February 17, 2016

SalgadoTeamBrought to you by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

If you ever get to meet Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado and walk with him next to his shoes for the day it is quite an event in itself. It could even make you say if he ever meets the woman of his dreams that she would be on top of the world. When Fay came into Richards life they began to build their own dream team with relationship chemistry.

In this Exclusive interview Team SALGADO sat down with me to share insight from inside the mind of Sports and Entertainments two of a kind and through their name SALGADO, Richard and Fay share their life as new husband and wife.

The S is for Special: What is it about your spouse that is oh so special?

(F) He never leaves my side.

(R) She’s as smart as she is as beautiful.

The A is for Athlete: What Athlete does your spouse most remind you of and why?

(F) WILLIAM PERRY aka The Fridge .. A BEAST Unstoppable.

(R) Peyton Manning because she’s a take charge quarter back of our home.

The L is for Lesson: What has your spouse taught you about yourself that no one else had the courage to tell you?

(F) To be conservative. Sometimes I have too much passion and can’t keep a balance.

(R) She taught me the importance of family and unconditional love.

The G is for Gift: What gift did your spouse give you that did not cost anything but means everything to you?

(F) His life, he made me his equal partner .

(R) Marrying me, she gave me the biggest gift I ever had that day .

The A is for Away: When your spouse is away what is it about them that makes you want to smile?

(F) His laugh and when he comes flying in the bed like super man .

(R) When she says I want to come home

The D is for Direction: How does your spouse keep you on the right track?

(F) He ignores me when I babble.

(R) Ohhhh she does don’t worry. Ha. She never holds back, she’s always on top of everything, which I need sometimes. As they say behind every good man is a good women. Well that’s my wife.

The O is for Others: Why is it important to be in a relationship with someone that want to help give back to others?

(F) Because it stems from a child watching my own mother suffer cancer and being a single mom. I know the feeling of what a family struggles through to beat cancer.

(R) Because we want us both to have the same believes and morals .

***For More Information***

(Fay Salgado)

Fay Salgado is the partner & co-host of the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic and that special bond inspired her to create the Baby Daddy Celebrity brunch of her own identity and be on the lookout for Fay’s new Sports and Entertainment Agency with website coming soon at

(Richard Salgado)

After a strong college career playing football at the University of Maryland, Rich understands that athletes and performers need to safeguard their lives, careers, and families. With 15 years experience, Rich created Coastal Advisors as a way of keeping his clients safe and making their lives better.

A well-known contributor to the world of Sports Business, Rich has appeared on FOX News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, and the FOX Business Network, and has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal, Sports Business Journal, NFL Network, Sports Illustrated, Newsday, the New York Post, and many other journalistic websites.

(Derrick Hayes)

Derrick Hayes is known as the “Encouragement Speaker” and is available for speaking engagements and Derricknym signings at meetings, conferences, and events. Please visit email  or call (706) 615-1662 to book Derrick Hayes now.

Get the 1 Word Is All It Takes To Build Your Brand eBook For FREE

January 1, 2014

1wordlogoby Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

It happened overnight. I said I could do something and it became a brand. When I wrote my first book I knew that I could turn words into positive messages. Some called them acronyms but when they needed a name I added mine and they became Derricknyms. Now everywhere I go people call me Derricknyms because of what I can do and how my gift makes them feel when I personalize their name.

One of my greatest Derricknyms is WOE for Words Of Encouragement. When I was down and out I read in the bible, “Woe is me.” When I looked up WOE in the dictionary it stated that woe was a trial or tribulation. A woe to one may be losing a job while to another it might be losing a loved one. No longer wanting woe to be negative the slogan came to me that “Before you leave work or go to sleep at night, Give someone a WOE, a Word Of Encouragement.” Through WOE I realized that a brand can come through something you are great at and also through a situation that you have to go through.

After evaluating my life I realized that everything I do comes through one word. I traced my motivational speaking roots that go back to 1992 and came up with a formula that if applied can bring you favor.

Life itself breaks things down to me in terms of words and in my humble opinion there are 7 keys to success. These keys to success that I will leave you with are the ones that are the basis for my new book 1 Word Is All It Takes To Build Your Brand.

The 1st key to success is to Find Your Word. Look at what you do or are good at and try to simplify it in one word. My word is Encouragement. If you can pinpoint exactly who and what you are it allows you to focus on what you need to do.

The 2nd key to success is to Speak Your Word. Write down why this is your word and turn it into an affirmation that you can use to speak life into your dream. Write this statement on a piece of paper that you can keep with you or near you at all times.

The 3rd key to success is to Activate Your Word. Pull out a piece of paper and write down what your word inspires you to write. The ideas that pour out in this brainstorming session will be phenomenal. Give it a chance and don’t limit yourself. Many have discovered that for the first time that they could write poems, stories, quotes and even novels. Some will even come up with ideas for articles that could produce future books or movies.

The 4th key to success is to Name Your Word. Take some of the ideas that you have brainstormed and give them a title. When I wanted to describe myself when I marketed my workshops I used my word and called myself the Encouragement Speaker. Each article or concept that you bring to life has value and with the right brand there is no limit to how far you can go with it.

The 5th key to success is to Share Your Word. If you like to write short pieces like quotes a good idea is to open up a Twitter or Facebook account and share your ideas with your friends or followers. If you are a long distance writer a blog with WordPress or Blogger would be a good idea and if making videos to empower others is your cup a tea give YouTube or Tube Mogul a try.

The 6th key to success is to Keep Your Word. It is known that it takes at least 21 days for a habit to become permanent in your life. Several attempts may be necessary for others to believe in you enough to make you a part of their day. Keep sharing your insight day after day and you may soon become the expert that others see you as.

The 7th key to success is to Live Your Word. Once you learn to keep your word it will become a part of your lifestyle where you wake up and Live Your Word. When this happens you will have a brand that can stand because 1Word Is All It Takes To Build Your Brand.

Inbox me on Facebook or email me from my Derrick Hayes website before Sunday January 5th, 2014 at 11:59 PM and I will give you a free copy of 1 Word Is All It Takes To Build Your Brand.

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes, an alumnus of Tennessee State University gives insight to groups and organizations on the topics of Blogging, Branding, Networking and Building Relationships. Hayes is available for small and large meetings, church events, academic speaking engagements and workshops. Please visit Derrick’s website at and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to  or call (706) 615-1662.

The 12 Days of DERRICK Interviews

December 9, 2012

Last night I attended our Christmas party at Friendship Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia and the Minister of Music Brother Christopher Wallace led a stirring version of the 12 Days of Christmas with members singing their part based on where they were seated. When I woke this morning an idea came to me to turn the 12 Days of Christmas into my version of the 12 Days of DERRICK Interview so that I can promote you and what you do.

On the 12 Days of DERRICK Interviews experts and entrepreneurs gave to me.

12 DERRICK Interviews with Bestselling Authors.

11 DERRICK Interviews with CEO’s.

10 DERRICK Interviews Non Profit Organizers.

9 DERRICK Interviews with Athletes.

8 DERRICK Interviews with Community Activists.

7 DERRICK Interviews with Actors/Actresses.

6 DERRICK Interviews with Scholars.

5 DERRICK Interviews with Teenagers.

4 DERRICK Interviews with American Idols.

3 DERRICK Interviews with Inventors.

2 DERRICK Interviews with Talk Show Hosts

And 1 DERRICK Interview with President Barack Obama.

In 2013 promote you and what you do with a DERRICK Interview.

DERRICK Interview with Comedian Rodney Perry

October 12, 2012

The #1 Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Comedian Rodney Perry who was born in Chicago and raised in Monroe Louisiana. Rodney served his country for eight years as a member of the United States Navy. Serving two tours of duty took Rodney to New Orleans and to the Bay Area, which prepared him for the entertainment industry and for life. He would perform his duties as Yeoman Second Class by day and perform his sidesplitting comedy shows by night. Perry came to a crossroad in 1998, when he had to choose between continuing his Navy career or making Stand-Up Comedy a career. He chose the latter.

A few weeks ago I did a DERRICK Interview with Comedian Lav Luv and he mentioned that Rodney Perry was the person that others should learn more about. After Lav Luv gave me the opportunity I reached out to RP and now you are about to read my DERRICK Interview with Comedian Rodney Perry.

D is for Dream. What is your dream and what have you achieved?

My dream was and is to be one of the world’s best comedians.  My brand is building, I have a national audience and Rodney Perry time is close at hand.

E is for Encourage. What encourages you?

I am encouraged by my family.  They give me my drive.  They are my engine.  Without my family I am not sure if I would be as focused.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

The core of what I do is to make people laugh, but my greater purpose is to lighten the collective burden.  When someone goes to see me I want them to walk away with a sense of fulfillment.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

I had a teacher that would let me tell jokes at the end of class if I would shut up during the course of the day… That was in second grade.  I was born ready to do what I am doing now, and I just got ready to do what’s coming up next.  You must always prepare for your next big thing.

I is for Individual. Name at least one person that you know that you feel others should learn about and why?

Dr. Farrah Gray is the first person who comes to mind.  I often site him when talking to my children.  He made is first Million Dollars as a teen.  Shoot for the stars!!

C is for Continue. When you fail, things look bleak or are not optimistic what makes you want to continue?

Winners win even when they lose.  I live in a perpetual state of WIN, so even when things aren’t going in my favor I am learning about that situation and myself.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Work Hard… There are no days off when you are the boss, Unless you say so.

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with? 

I will leave you all with this… Find something you Love and do it to the best of your ability.  You will be happy, you will make money, and you will never regret your decision.

Check out Rodney Perry’s new show “Off The Chain” premiering on Bounce TV October 22nd, 2012 at 9:oo PM EST.


July 21, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

Who is really number one? In 1964 When Ali beat Liston he told the world that he was the greatest of all time. In music KRS ONE, Nelly, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne have all said they were the best at one time or another.

God gave me a gift to write so that it will excite others to search and find opportunities they have waited their whole life for. Life is a numbers game. I’m number one and I’m here to share my NUMBER game. In order to be NUMBER One you have to find your Name, be Unique, have Movement, give Back, be Energizing and Resourceful.

N is for Name. When you Google your name and your game do you come up #1? If you do a search for Encouragement Speaker or Derrick Hayes I will come up #1. Years ago everyone wanted to be a motivational speaker. I realized since I was encouraging others that I should call myself an Encouragement Speaker. The domain name was available and I started immediately to build Encouragement Speaker into a brand. If you don’t like where you stand in the search engine rankings one thing you can do to change that is to write articles and make videos.

U is for Unique. What is unique about you that sets you apart from the competition? I have a gift to turn names into positive messages that I call Derricknyms. Al Tucker designed a business card that allows me to personalize a message for each person that I meet. People call back even years later to let me know that they still have my card and how much their Derricknym meant to them. What are you doing to keep people chewing?

M is for Movement. Does your story inspire others to move? In 2003 after being separated from my first wife I ended up sleeping on the floor of my friend’s apartment for over a year with no bed. On the right was a bible that said woe is me. On the other side was a dictionary that said woe meant trial or tribulation. I heard a voice that said “Before you leave work or go to sleep tonight, give someone a WOE, a word of encouragement. Now even 10 years later I still get calls and emails and all they ask for is a WOE.

B is for Back. Are you giving back through your life and business?  When I was a senior at Tennessee State University I realized that not everyone that started college with us was able to finish for one reason or another. I helped start the Wall Of Excellence Scholarship & Development Fund to help deserving students stay in school. The Wall Of Excellence has been in existence for almost 20 years and has raised over a half million dollars.

E is for Energy. Do you turn negative energy into positive energy? As a Juvenile Corrections Officer I was working with a group of teenagers one day that talked about me from head to toe. I had a choice to use words like they did or turn the situation into something positive. I joked with them that I was going to turn the situation into a dance. The funny things is once I got home and stepped out of the shower the dance truly came to life. I heard a voice say right in front of you left, left in front of your right, two steps to the back and move from side to side. I cae back to work and showed them how to Do The Mr. Hayes and now more people on the job are trying to turn negativity into positivity.

R is for Resourceful. Are you opening doors for others? When I speak at events I give away DOOR Prizes where Derrick Offers Other Resources. DOOR Prizes give me a chance to give more to my audience and open up opportunities for established and up and coming entrepreneurs. Another great resource that we developed is Today’s Honoree where you can nominate others that to be featured that deserve recognition. They can turn right around and nominate you.

Tell me about another speaker that comes up #1 in their Google search for their name and their game? Can you point me in the direction of another motivational speaker that has a gift to turn names into positive messages right before your eyes? Who do you know that has gone from the bottom to the top and turned their journey into a motivational movement? Is there one that has an app with at least 6,000 subscribers, blogs to feature others that deserve recognition and has helped raise over a half million dollars for their alma mater? Who do you know that has their own dance and is always resourceful by providing others with guest blogging opportunities so they can get exposure and be found in search engines?

Until you find this person. I’m NUMBER One.

Please do 1 or 2 things. DONATE or hire Derrick Hayes to speak at your next meeting, conference or event. Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today’s Honoree, and blogs at the Encouragement Speaker and can be reached at or (706) 615-1662.


April 30, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

Ivan Gibson known as IG is best friends with Kevin NORANT. When IG and NORANT come together their bond spells out IGNORANT. IG and NORANT use IGNORANT to teach 8 life principles to help youth clear their life of anything that is IGNORANT.

I is for Inspire. When people become inspired they should want to stay inspired. Give powerful words of encourage to each other. Young people should hear you speak great of them like you do to others. The next time a youth messes up ask if you can give them constructive criticism? This will open up doors to better communication.

G is for Give. Back up what you say by giving others a role model to look up to. If we tie our shoes others might want to pull up their pants. Learn how to apologize when you make a mistake. This may be the best gift someone receives in their lifetime.

N is for Notice. Anyone can look and find something wrong with you. Take time and found out what people are good at. Many fall and come short because they never found their strengths and no one in leadership found it either. Look for the light that can keep others out of darkness. When you do others will come through for you.

O is for Opportunity. When you study a person and can’t figure out what a person is good or great at, ask them? You may discover an unhidden talent that can be developed. Just when you think you can’t help someone a few questions can open doors to many opportunities. Open up your database and call to see who can truly help the ones you want to help.

R is for Read. Al Tucker who is a great friend of mine has a gift to inform you what books you should read based on your abilities. When Al saw I wanted to become a better father he suggested the book Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. When I was interested in spiritual growth I was presented with the Maxwell Leadership Bible. If we read what we need life will give us what we want.

A is for Adjust. One way to leave ignorance is to become better at the things that are relevant in our lives.  How we adjust to situations that comes to and through our life plays a vital role in how far we go. Learning how to do more or less is the critical balance we have to strive for that will keep us on the beam or off the team. Keep trusting the future by adjusting from time to time.

N is for Navigate. When you learn better you will earn better. Go forth wise so you won’t be caught by surprise. The adjustments you make today shouldn’t keep you from making achievement tomorrow. When you are able to keep going your progress will keep growing. People that used to just look at you will start to look out for you. They will even open the gate so you can navigate through.

T is for Team. I have never met anyone that totally made it by themselves. If anyone tells you anything else it may sound IGNORANT. We have to discuss discernment with the next generation so they will know who or who not they should work with. In business help will be in the form of a mentor or partner. In a life a mate or spouse will be your side. It takes a wise team to multiply your dream.

IG and NORANT don’t want you or your children to be IGNORANT. This is a story with the morals being that we need to camp out in our homes and schools so that less of us will be IGNORANT. Some will stay IGNORANT only because they or the ones before them refuse to leave an IGNORANT life.

If you are a parent that is holding children back from proceeding put that curse in reverse so they can go from worst to first.  If this doesn’t apply thank you for not being IGNORANT.