Global Hero in Education

November 12, 2020

In many places today is #ThrowbackThursday but when you are from Rantoul, IL in a village they call the Tool Box today is officially Toolbox Thursday. When you grow up in Central Illinois in the middle of corn fields you have dreams of making it one day to see your name in lights. Because of the ones that planted seeds in me even when I didn’t know how to give back myself I share this moment from my history with you when Microsoft named me a Global Hero in Education #ToolBoxthursday


Global Hero in Education Develops WEEKEND Program to Uplift Youth

December 6, 2014

Presentation at Tennessee State University

Presentation at Tennessee State University

Derrick Hayes is the #1 Encouragement Speaker and was recently honored by Microsoft in their blog Daily Edventures as a Global Hero in Education.

Hayes saw a need to use his gifts to serve youth on Saturdays and Sundays and it inspired the WEEKEND (Words of Encouragement to Enlighten Kids on Entrepreneurship Networking and Decision Making) Program.

Derrick knows firsthand how important it is to be inspired even in adversity. While faced with divorce with his after college sweetheart Derrick Hayes moved with a friend and slept on his apartment floor without a bed for over a year.

Next to Derrick was a bible that read woe is me and a dictionary that defined woe as a trial and tribulation. When Derrick pulled out a pen and pad he received his life changing statement, “Before you leave work or go to sleep tonight, give someone a WOE, a Word Of Encouragement.”

Here are the 3 success areas that the WEEKEND Program will focus on.

  1. Entrepreneurship. Everyone has a talent and it is up to us to help others find skills, develop skills and become an expert at what we do.
  2. Networking.   No one can do it by themselves and it is important to learn how to have a dream and a team and one way to do that is to always BUILD relationships.
  3. Decision Making. With over 10 years of working with youth in detention and over 20 years of working with students in Urban America Derrick Hayes realizes the importance of teaching young people that every choice they make is important.

When children are encouraged and enlightened they can put ideas together, build relationships and more times than not make the right decisions.

The WEEKEND Program is designed to give youth, community, and social service organizations a chance to bring in a quality Motivational Speaker or Trainer for programs, meetings or events at a cost effective rate that take place on a Saturday or Sunday.

Hayes is a highly sought-after speaker. He has been featured as the keynote speaker at several events sponsored by such entities as the U.S. Department of Commerce, Subway, Legacy Chevrolet, Brown Sanders College, Georgia State University, Tennessee Childcare Facilities Corporation, Mississippi 4-H, American Camping Association, Bowie State University, Tennessee State University, Georgia Power, Jackson State University, and many others.

For more information about the WEEKEND Program or to book Derrick Hayes for speaking engagements and Derricknym signings at meetings, conferences, and events please visit email  or call (706) 615-1662 to book Derrick Hayes now.