DERRICK Interview with Fitness Expert Damue Bagwell

September 9, 2013

DamueAlive! With Damue is a dynamic new health and fitness DVD by Damue Bagwell designed to help maintain and lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and diabetes. The fact is that these three problems affect millions of Americans today and although complication from these ailments can be prevented, most people do not know the simple steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many others don’t take these steps until their health is already seriously compromised.

Damue discovered that he suffered from high blood pressure at the age of 18. He had an unhealthy diet of fried foods and foods containing high volumes of salt. Unaware that his diet and high blood pressure were a serious problem, his kidney function went down to 5%. With Damue’s kidneys functioning so poorly he was forced to undergo dialysis and later received a kidney transplant. As Damue explains, ”Getting a second chance with life I felt rejuvenated, but I didn’t see the same joy in others. I noticed that they were always complaining and had serious depression issues. My social workers would ask me to come to meetings to be an example for others to see that they could live a normal life with a transplant.

D is for Dream:

My dreams and goals are to help people with Diabetes and hypertension around the nation to prevent them from having a stroke or kidney failure.

E is for Education:

My education comes from may sources, school , and wise seniors, my major in school was biology.

R is for Resources:

My resource is my experience of going through kidney failure and exercises to prevent me from having high blood pressure and diabetes.

R is for Ready:

I knew I was ready when I had a dream from God Telling me to make a DVD to help people with health problems.

I is for Individual:

I the person I think people should know about is David Canas, this person is a attorney that helps people in the community with no income and have no representation.

C is for Challenges:

The biggest challenges I think I’ll have is having people enjoy doing the DVD 5 times a week to help their issues so they can have a longer life.

K is for Keys to Success:

The keys to success are to be patient, focus and never give up. Keep negative energy away from you and tell yourself everyday you will become what you are searching for.

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Embrace Optimism in Every Area of Your Life

July 9, 2013

EmbraceOptimismAnnabelle Smyth

Life sure has a way of knocking you off your feet sometimes. With hectic work schedules, issues at home and a down economy, it can be difficult to look on the bright side. While it may seem easier to drag yourself through life looking at the glass half empty, there are ways to improve your outlook on any situation and find the silver lining in any cloud.

Take It Easy.
It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with life and everything that comes with it. In theory, you only have today. Tomorrow has its own set of issues so worry about them when they get here. For now, break down what seems to be an unconquerable mountain of worries into smaller battles. The stress may still be there, but you’ll have a different perspective and an easier time getting through it positively.

Trim the Fat.
Misery really does love company. One of the best things you can do to improve your personal outlook on life is to rid your surroundings of the negative people and things that bring you down. Do an evaluation of each person or circumstance around you and ask yourself, “Does this person add value to my life or take from it? Am I happy around her, or does she ruin my day?” If it’s the latter, consider cutting back your exposure or detaching completely.

Get Healthy.
It seems obvious, but eating right and exercising can have profound benefits to your state of well being. A healthy diet improves brain function, increasing productivity in every area in your life. This in turn gives you a personal satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment, which will have you feeling more upbeat and energetic in general. Not to mention getting all your fruits and vegetables with help you live longer to enjoy all the things that matter to you.

Have Faith.
In something, anything. Be it God, yourself, or the goodness of humanity, having something to believe in will strengthen and encourage you to keep pushing forward one day at a time.

You really CAN have a happier self, but it’s a choice you have to make. A life coach in Houston can offer you even more tips and suggestions on how to live more positively and embrace optimism regardless of the situation. With someone else on your team you can be on your way to a more fulfilling life in no time.

The DAILY (Derricknyms, Apps and Ideas to Lift You) Message for Thursday

March 14, 2013

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes brings you The DAILY Message to empower and inspire you to your next level.

In This Issue:

1. Daily Derricknym is EYES. Don’t Close Your EYES (Enjoy Your Empowered Success). Now you can also order your name as a Personalized Derricknym.

2. Today’s word is Virus. Fever and chills are all a part of a virus. When your computer crashes it comes out of nowhere with a virus. Work hard in the beginning and maintain your health so that a virus won’t come and wipe away everything you have worked hard for. This is brought to you by Motivation To Your Mobile and you can download Today’s word to your Android or I Phone.

3. Idea for today is to walk your talk and end the day by kicking your feet up.

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Words Of Encouragement For The Soul

May 8, 2012

by Dr. Sha

Every human being has a soul, mind and body. In the East, people talk about soul. In the West, people talk about spirit. Scientists talk about message. In fact, soul, spirit and message are the same thing.

Modern medicine focuses on matter. Blood tests measure biochemical changes inside the cells. CT scans and MRIs determine whether there are growths inside the body. Surgery removes matter from the body. Medications adjust the matter.

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on qi (pronounced “chee”). Qi is vital energy and life force. The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, the ancient authority book of traditional Chinese medicine, states, “if qi flows, one is healthy. If qi is blocked, one is sick.” Traditional Chinese medicine uses herbs, acupuncture and massage to promote the flow of qi for healing.

Several years ago, the Divine guided me to create Soul Mind Body Medicine. From my more than forty years of energy and spiritual study, together with my study of medicine to become an MD and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, I have realized that soul, mind and body can work together. Modern medicine and traditional medicine can work together.

Modern medicine focuses on matter inside the cells. Traditional Chinese medicine and many other healing modalities focus on the energy between cells. Soul Mind Body Medicine focuses on the soul. If a person is sick, the soul is sick.

A soul is a golden light being. Soul is spirit. Soul is message. Soul is the essence of life. Soul is the boss.

Soul Mind Body Medicine states: Heal the soul first; then, healing of the mind and body will follow. Because the soul is the boss, I put the soul first. This is why I use the name Soul Mind Body Medicine. Soul is spirit and message. Mind is consciousness. Body carries energy and matter.

Every human being has a soul, a mind and a body. A bodily system, such as the cardiovascular system or the digestive system, has a soul, mind and body. Every cell and every DNA and RNA has a soul, mind and body.

Everyone and everything has a soul.

Soul Mind Body Medicine states that all sickness is due to soul, mind and body blockages. Soul blockages are due to bad karma. Mind blockages include negative mindsets, attitudes and beliefs, as well as ego and attachment. Body blockages are blockages of energy and matter.

To heal is to remove soul, mind and body blockages. Soul Mind Body Medicine removes soul, mind and body blockages. The techniques are very simple. In fact, they are too simple believe. I ask that you keep an open mind and try them. Join one of the many complimentary programs offered every day and experience Soul Mind Body Medicine.

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Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes Teaches “Grace” To Our Children

November 29, 2011

Recently I was asked to speak during the  Children’s Moment at Friendship Baptist Church. Please view the video and you can also use the words that are  included in this post as a handout.

What is your favorite color and why?

One of my new favorite colors is Gray. People ask me, Is it because you have seen Gray clouds, or is it now because you have Gray hair?

I’m here to ask you the same question that God asked me, what do you get when you add the V sound to the end of the word Gray – Gray +V = Grave

What can you tell me about Grave? Jesus rose from the Grave with all power in his hands but can the Grave save you?

The second question God asked me is what do you get when you add the S sound to the word Gray – Gray + S = Grace.

In Ephesians 2:8-9:  (8) For by Grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. (9) Not of works, lest anyone should boast.

Grace is favor that you don’t even deserve, its unmerited. What can you tell me about Grace? How have you been saved by Grace?

1.  You could one day get sick and have a $20,000 hospital bill and they say it’s paid in full (Grace). Your family could be facing years of debt.

2.  A fight could start where you really want to hurt someone and out of nowhere someone stops you (Grace) You could of ended up in jail or event severely hurt yourself.

Why do we get Grace? In Psalm 23 it does not say He was my shepherd or that He will be my shepherd, it says The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today’s Honoree, and blogs as the Encouragement Speaker. Derrick Hayes is available to present or do Derricknym signings at your next meeting, conference or event. For more information please visit

The Miracle Of Thinking RIGHTEOUS

September 27, 2011

For years I had heard of a book called The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. Before I bought a copy I was inspired to write The Miracle Of Thinking RIGHTEOUS. The Magic Of Thinking Big is a great book and I highly recommend it for your library. The purpose of us meeting today is to be uplifted and encouraged through the word RIGHTEOUS.

The R is for Relevant. Do you think of what is relevant?

The I is for Inspiration. Do you think of ways to inspire others?

The G is for Growth. Do think of how you can grow?

The H is for Healthy. Do you think to practice healthy habits?

The T is for Through. Do you think things through?

The E is for Excitement. Do you think about how exciting life is?

The O is for Optimism? Do you think of an optimistic future?

The U is for Up. Do you think of ways to get back up?

The S is for Service. Do you think of ways to serve others.

I wrote this so that you will not just think, but think RIGHTEOUS. If you think RIGHTEOUS, a miracle might just….. Happen.

Definition of Encouragement

October 25, 2008

According to one of the meanings of Encouragement is 

2.  the act of giving hope or support to someone 

In your daily walk are you giving hope or support to someone? If you are that is what encouragement is all about.

Encouragement for Fathers

October 24, 2008

In a few minutes I’m going to go get my kids for the weekend. I love my children and Im working to put myself in position so that I can see them more often. If you are a father and the relationship with your kids is not right strive to work on it.  Write a letter, make a call or visit them in person. In whatever way you can reach out and make a connection.

No More Devil

October 24, 2008
Did you know that the Tampa Bay Rays made it to the World Series? Last year they were called the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Team officials were tired of losing and wanted a new start so they decided to take the word Devil off of their team name. Last year they were in last place. Tamp Bay had never won more than 70 games in a season out of 162. They got rid of the Devil and have gone all the way to the World Series. What are your thoughts?   

Politics Is Everything

October 24, 2008

Over thirty years ago I would wake up each morning and hear a song that my brother wrote and recorded called “Politics Is Everything.” I never knew that in 2008 it would take 30 years for his musical prophecy to come true. The race for the presidency between Barack Obama and John McCaign is one for the ages. I voted early so I wont have to stand in the long lines. Each day we are consumed with he said and she said with the mindset that we have to filter our conscience and make a politically correct vote for the President.  I can honestly say that some things in this election I understand and some things I don’t. One thing is for sure and that is my vote will count. Have you voted yet?