June 28, 2020

Welcome to HBCU Week and Please make This LAST (Like And Share This). HBCU Week is an online and virtual experience presented by Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” to give back to parents, students and HBCU Alumni. We will make this happen through programming and interviews. Here is the schedule for this week. Other events may be added so please tune in. All events will be seen on Facebook www.facebook.com/derrickhayes and YouTube www.youtube.com/entietainer

On Monday June 29th at 12 Noon EST. we will kick it off with HBCU Monday with the Welcome from Talladega College graduate Terry White who is the Basketball Coach at George Washington Carver.

On Monday June 29th at 7 PM EST.  we will have VOTE Your Best Life as I will interview Edward Waters College graduate L.J. Holloway who is the Founder of All About Healthcare Advocates, Partner in Today’s Honoree and currently a candidate in the race for Congress in the 5th District in Florida

On Tuesday June 30th at 12 noon EST. I will interview Fort Valley State University graduate Ozone Mayweather who is an Entertainer, DJ and Brand Builder on Episode 23 of Life Skill Life School.

On Wednesday July 1st at 12 EST. we will have the HBCU Hump Day HUDDLE where I will interview former Tuskegee University professor Dr. J. Aleem Hud who is the Founder of Project Rebound, Inc.

On Thursday July 2nd we will have Spelman College graduate Candace Shaw who is the Founder of Why Hate Math www.whyhatemath.com on Episode 24 of Life Skill Life School.

Flashback Friday

April 10, 2020

In 2007 I was a presenter at the Student Leadership Conference at Jackson State University. This is a moment that I will always appreciate because I had the opportunity to give back to another HBCU.

Dear OBAMA Please Help Save Our HBCU’s

March 12, 2015

President_Barack_ObamaDear Barack Obama:

Greetings Mr. President. I recently read an article about your views on Historically Black Colleges and Universities on the website www.crewof42.com.

Do you really think that some HBCU’s are not good at graduating students and that if they don’t improve that they will have to go by the wayside? This is a case of many non HBCU’s as well.

The question should be what can we do to strengthen them and keep HBCU’s from falling apart?

I’m a graduate of Tennessee State University and since I was presented an opportunity to go to college before I graduated I helped start The Wall of Excellence Scholarship and Development Fund that has raised over $500,000.00 to help College of Business students continue and complete their education.

Through your name OBAMA here are 5 things that could be done to help keep HBCU’s alive.

O – Offer scholarships to males coming out of prison to help them re-enter the world and succeed.

B – Bring more jobs to cities where HBCU’s are located.

A – Assign mentors to students that qualify.

M – Move more soldiers out of war so that they can come back to college campuses.

A – Align banking partners with student entrepreneurs to allow them to start and build businesses before they graduate.

If these ideas won’t work for you please present some that will. The opportunity that an HBCU gave me saved my life. I documented this in my poem, “An HBCU Saved My Life.”

Growing up our Mothers gave us love

I turned to school and He turned to sell drugs

No high grades with passing test scores

My life seemed dark with no open doors

Apply anyway is what I heard my Mother say

If they all say no you can always go work for pay

Would I get in? My town would debate

One by one said yes, FAMU and Tennessee State

My friend that was dealing is no longer around

He was buried 6 feet deep when I came back to town

My work is now seen all over the nation

Only because I received a 1st class education

The things I seek and do

Happen because of seeds planted at my HBCU

Saving our sons and daughters we have to continue

Help each child keep school on their menu

I wrote this because “An HBCU Saved My Life”

The importance of HBCU’s was relevant years ago and they are still making an impact today. Just at my alma mater TSU alone graduates are currently empowering the world through television and technology.

Oprah Winfrey started with a show and now has the OWN brand that is currently partnering with Tyler Perry to help bring television to another level. Bobby Jones who is an HBCU graduate is the host of one of the longest running programs in television history. Jesse E. Russell is an HBCU graduate and is the one you have to thank for turning the car phone concept into a cell phone so that billions of people can talk to each other without having to be in the house or car.

No school or institution is perfect so with all due respect please use your Executive Order to help keep HBCU’s in order.

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