Use Your HEAD Better

April 22, 2020

If you only think and live like others you will only end up like them. Sometimes life will leave you scratching your HEAD so through this word I share with you 4 things that can do to make your life better.

H is for Herbs. A few years ago I was not even thinking about herbs but one doctor said I had the flu and the next doctor said that it was just allergies. Both times I had prescriptions for antibiotics but nothing was working for me. I decided to research alternative medicines and I found out about the power of herbs. The first herb I decided to try was black seed oil and it did for me what neither one of the previous prescriptions could do and that was to bring me back to normal. Then I found this quote about Black Cummin from where black seed comes from and that “it cures everything but death.”

E is for Education. When I wanted to learn more about herbs and how they can help you I visited and I learned about the power of other anti-viral herbs including oregano, licorice, holy basil, garlic, ginger, fennel lemon balm, elderberries, peppermint, rosemary and dandelion. After further research I found out that herbs specifically can help strengthen the immune system and provide anti-inflammatory properties.

A is for Activity. Find what works for you whether it be walking, running, jogging or lifting weights. I love to walk around the park and what makes the journey incredible is the scenery that takes you around with each mile. From the birds flying above or the ducks walking in packs down below. At different times during the year there are sporting events from baseball to football taking place along with others having picnics.

D is for Diet. When my cholesterol was high I knew I had to make changes. The decision was made for me to give up meat. I was able to get my numbers to my cholesterol to come down and I have only eaten meat twice since January 1st, 2013. Find ways to eat better and make eating fun. Smoothies are a great way to add kale and fruit together at the same time to make a great meal go down easy. Making adjustments has allowed me to enjoy veggie burgers and ordering tacos with beans instead of beef.

If we add Herbs and make changes and adjustments with our Education, Activity and Diet we will live better because we used our HEAD better.

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Dream Like DARIUS to Get Moore Out Of Life

April 2, 2020

by Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer”

Did you know that when you work in a hostile environment someone might tell you something that sounds crazy now but it just might turn out to be the greatest news you should of ever listened to? Too bad for many of us because when we don’t want to hear or do certain things that others bring our way we run them off or turn our backs to them.

One day my co-worker Darius Moore asked me to participate in Bow Tie Monday with him and deep down inside I wanted to say no but I soon realized that there was not anyone else in sight that would support his idea and do it with him.

In my possession I had at least two clip on bow ties that would get me through two Bow Tie Mondays so I decided to give it a try and through his name DARIUS I’m here to discuss the 6 ways to get Moore out of life.

D is for Dream.  I never asked Brother Moore where he got the idea for Bow Tie Monday but I’m still thankful to this day that he asked me. There are more dreams in the cemetery than inside of people that are alive. Many are scared to fail or not try because others might laugh at them. DARIUS dream and my support to his idea were like peanut butter and jelly because they were meant for each other. You can’t live dreams if you never live and dream.

A is for Action.  An average person will dream but an above average person will actually put the dream into action and live the dream. The first time I participated in Bow Tie Monday I saw and felt a change in the atmosphere in our working environment.

People smiled and were giving up compliments and some even wanted to get to know more about us. Some of the students we work with do not talk or use very few words so when I noticed that they liked the change that they saw it was a no brainer for next week. I kept laughing to myself on the inside saying, “All of this because of a neck tie.”

R is for Remain. In life it is not the adversity you face but it is how you face the adversity that can determine how successful you are for the rest of your life. A TIE changing moment came one Sunday afternoon when I wanted to get a new bow tie to wear but it was storming and every element of weather was outside to keep me inside including rain, thunder and lightning.

My mind was made up that I would have a tie for Bow Tie Monday so I started to think how I could turn the regular ties that I had into the bow ties that I need. I watched videos on YouTube and I learned how to do it and I knew right then that I would never have to miss another Bow Tie Monday.

I is for Inspire.  The more and more we took action with the dream the more and more others were inspired. At least once a week we showed a positive image with two black men dressed up and this truly began to inspire others inside our classroom, outside our classroom, throughout the school and in the community.

People started to ask questions and participate and even wanted to learn how to turn regular ties into bow ties. It made impossible things seem possible.

U is for Unique. When you do something long enough you will want to get better at it and even want to find a new way to do it.  I never agreed to do Bow Tie Monday thinking that one day I would learn how to make my own ties.

In order to get better in whatever you do you have to find ways to step your game up. I was doing Bow Tie Monday but did not even know how to tie a self-tie bow tie. After I learned how to tie one I was excited and bought some fabric so that someone could make me a make a bow tie to wear to a Christmas Party.

After three different people that knew how to sew told me that they could not make me a bow tie I heard voices that would teach me step by step in how to make a bow tie without sewing. Now because I did not give up I can make regular ties, bow ties, ascots and pocket squares without sewing and I have a niche without a stitch.

S is for Serve. When I was chasing money I was broke but when I began to serve I have never missed a meal or deal because I live by the motto, “In order to get a blessing you have to be a blessing.”

The more I learned the more I wanted to teach others. Everyone is on different levels so there is always someone that you can teach. When I speak to youth groups I do my best to make sure every one of them has a tie so that they have a tangible tool that they can take home with them and practice the techniques that I teach them.

There are no odds for what I’m doing now and how I’m doing it.  I have seen myself go from not even wanting to wear a tie to traveling to different parts of the United States of America teaching others how to tie a tie.

There is a Dream inside of DARIUS just like there is inside of you. Success will come but you have to take Action, Remain, Inspire, be Unique and do everything you can to Serve others and this is how you will get Moore out of life.

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TIP (To Increase Possibilities) Tuesday

April 25, 2017

Welcome to TIP (To Increase Possibilities) Tuesday where I give you a nugget that can help you build a gold mine.

Write down your first name or industry keyword and put the word Interview right next to it.

For example my name is DERRICK so I started to give a DERRICK Interview with others that were an expert entrepreneur athlete or philanthropist.

The industry I work in is education with an emphasis in autism so I created the AUTISM where I interview parents so that they can help other parents who have children on the spectrum.

After you write down your name or keyword give a special keyword for each letter in your name or industry word.

For example the words for the DERRICK Interview are Dream Education Resources Ready Individual Challenges and Keys.

The next thing you can do is to put your word into a question that you can ask others. In the DERRICK Interview the D is for Dream so I ask people all over the world, what is your Dream?

You can add more life to your blog interview series by including pictures, bios and social media links. Here is a link to the questions in my DERRICK Interview along with some of the other DERRICK Interviews that I have done

The AUTISM Interview series was pitched to and picked up by Autism Parenting Magazine and their website where you can subscribe to and receive these interviews and more is

Don’t delay and start your interview series today and you will see in a few days how this process can pave a way.


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Every Entrepreneur Should ROCK

April 3, 2016

RockNewmanby Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes with Super Business Owner Rock Newman

As college students at Tennessee State University my friend Dez Frazier and I would watch all of the big time boxing matches. I would of never imagined that over 20 years later I would be on the phone interviewing Rock Newman who helped Riddick Bowe win the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the world.

Through the name ROCK we discuss his Reason, Opportunities, Character and Knowledge that helped him be who he is today.


DH: Who inspires you and what did you learn from them?

RN: I was most inspired by Cassius Clay who later became Muhammad Ali. The night he beat Sonny Liston was a transformative night in my life. People laughed at me because I thought he could beat Liston. I received independence of thought once I knew someone could make something happen. It gave me a sense of unconventional thinking and beating the odds was very inspirational. Ali’s victory over Liston played in my mind that all things were possible.

I love sports and fighting was a competitive athletic event. Observing Ali at 12 years old, and 4 years later seeing him standing by his convictions for what he believed in was another incredible lesson that I learned. Seeing how he handled the whole situation gave me a lesson in manhood and character. I knew then that you could stand against the world when you are right.

DH: Where are you from?

RN: I was born in a Washington, D.C. hospital but I grew up with my family in rural Southern Maryland where we raised pigs and chickens in a farm like setting.  Once I turned 18 I went to Howard University on a baseball scholarship and had the opportunity to see another side of life.

DH: When did you realize you could make it?

RN: For some reason I was blessed with the spirit at an early age of thinking that I was someone special. I always had big dreams. I always had dreams of going way beyond the surroundings that I grew up in. I always felt I had the confidence that would take me beyond my own my family circumstances.

DH: Why do you exist?

I think that I exist to be the source of my granddaughter’s security, a source to be a vessel to make people always feel good. When I meet family, friends and even strangers on the street I hope to have an ability to make them all feel good.


DH: How does one find opportunities?

RN: Often times you hear the word opportunist in a negative way and it baffles me the way it is used. Every day we wake up there is a sense of venture and opportunity that is determined by your mindset and attitude. You have to have your eyes open for any opportunity that might exist like helping an elderly lady across the street or helping someone that is struggling in business.

DH: How did you get started in radio?

RN: One morning a radio talk show host couldn’t make it into his job at WOL radio station.  The owner called me and asked if I could make it in. I said yes without really knowing if I could make it in or not. I went to the end of the street and caught a ride with a snow truck on one of the snowiest days of the year. I had to end up catching a few more snow trucks going in the direction of the radio station until I got about 6 blocks away. Dick Gregory was my first guest and radio gave me a platform. We all have to seize our moment and be an opportunist.

DH: What are keys in looking for the right opportunity?

RN: One of the keys is identifying what you love and what you would do for free. My granddaughter is obsessed with cameras. Other things like dolls and toys don’t matter to her. I want to tap into her love of photography and build up her passion for it.

I dreamed of being a pro baseball player. At 10 I saw Angelo Dundee always with Ali. I said if I could not make it as a baseball player I wanted to be in the boxing industry. Thoughts become things.

My life journey led me to where my dream as a 10 year old was. I was 42 years old when Riddick Bowe became the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.  I was working with Butch Lewis and Michael Spinks at the time when I saw Riddick Bowe in the Golden Gloves. At the time I was thinking about leaving the boxing industry. Only thing that would keep me in the game would be a chance to work with a possible champion.


DH: How important is character in business and life?

RN: Character is everything. Character is the absolute foundation for a solid life and business career. Honor your word if you want to become the person that someone feels they can build a relationship with. Character is the essence of who a person is. Character is what you do when the lights are off and no one is looking.


DH: What words of wisdom can you give to struggling or up and coming entrepreneurs?

RN: When you find your passion and follow that passion at the end of the day you take in more knowledge and absorb it so much easier. You gravitate to all things that will prepare you and educate you in your pursuit.

There was and still is no script written to show someone how to become a great manager or promoter.

Follow passion, develop a plan and have discipline with good intent to identify what your purpose is. Work hard and excellence will come naturally when it is inside your passion.

DH: What are some lessons you had to learn the hard way?

RN: When you set out to use good intent/good sense of purpose, strong aspirations and desire to make things happen sometimes is the most difficult challenge is to get out of our own way and let the universe unfold for you

DH: How can people support you?

RN: Please visit where the show appears on WHUT Howard University Television. Subscribe on YouTube at Follow us on Twitter at and on Facebook we are at

Every Entrepreneur Should ROCK but you have to find your Reason, seize Opportunities, have Character and share Knowledge so that the world will change forever.

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The DAILY Message for Tuesday February 2nd, 2016

February 1, 2016

“Don’t just look go write a BOOK (Building Others Offering Knowledge).”

Derrick Hayes is known as the “Encouragement Speaker” and is available for speaking engagements and Derricknym signings at meetings, conferences, and events. Please visit email  or call (706) 615-1662 to book Derrick Hayes now.

DERRICK Hayes Interview with Music Producer James A. Worthy

November 29, 2015

JamesWEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Songwriter/Producer/Model James Worthy who is one of the breakout producers in the industry. Worthy has taught himself all the tips & trades when it comes to creating a masterpiece within his musical ability. Accompanying his musical flexibility, James has credits with various artists including Grammy Nominated Musicians & Award Winners Like: Arrested Development, Men At Large, Sara Stokes, Robin S, Tony Sunshine of Terror Squad, Truth Hurts, Bobby Brown, Petey Pablo, Yung Berg, T-Pain, Tyra B, Future, Amanda Cole of En Vogue, and so many others.

James began making his own beats around the year of 2004. He began using production software programs like Propellerhead Reason where professionally he jump started his career. His first break came from producing a record for Yung Berg entitled “Electric Disco” who is popularly known on the reality show “Love and Hiphop Hollywood”. Fast forwarding throughout the years he has produced Dr Dre’s former artist Truth Hurts latest UK hit “Fight 4 Love”, Sara Stokes formerly of Making The Band hit single “Sneak Peek”, Kesan Moore of The Walking Dead street hit “Inked Up, and many other records. Currently James is touring and will be seen on BET’s new docu series “From The Bottom Up” which airs January 2016.

D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

My goals are to inspire people around the world to follow their dreams in life. Ive achieved success in my industry but I want my legacy to be remembered as one of the greats.

E is for Education. What is your educational background and how do you use it daily?

I have taught myself hands on training in music production, but I also have a degree, and certification in audio.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

What makes me unique is the flexible I have to create all genre’s of music. The industry calls me “The Comeback King” being that I bring back many artists to the spotlight.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

Once I received my first royalty check I realized this was where my career was headed.

I is for Individual. Name at least one individual in your network that others should learn more about and why?

Angel Jerez who is an upcoming songwriter under me. He embodies real lyrical content and speaks different languages which really helps in this industry.

C is for Challenges. What challenges have you had to overcome?

Gaining respect and creating with those who think ahead.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Love your craft and never discount your worth. There is always room for someone to be successful.

Visit James A. Worthy for more information.

The DAILY Message for Monday June 9th, 2014

June 9, 2014

AskDerrickAboutEach week day Derrick Hayes encourages you through a Derricknym, App and Idea to Lift You.

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  • Derricknym: Live Like Dr. MAYA (Motivate Another with Your Actions).
  • App: Today’s word is Blogger. Turn what you know into a way to help others grow. Takes notes on your life and write quotes. You may be the next big time blogger. Receive Today’s word in Motivation To Your Mobile app on Android and i-phones.
  • Idea: In order to make money you have to figure your imagination.

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DERRICK Interview with Ad Genius Founder Tony Hunter

February 20, 2014

TonyHunterEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Ad Genius CEO Anthony Hunter who attended North Carolina Central University and received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

He has over 18 years in the Wireless industry and has successfully created and ran his own Sprint and Nextel retail stores. He spent several years in the management field working for the nations #1 Wireless Retailer where he also won numerous honors for his training and managing skills that drove business and helped the company enjoy tremendous growth and profitability. Anthony has always been a trail blazer and has continued to evolve as the mobile industry evolved bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to Ad Genius.

AdGeniusAd Genius’s mission is to assist business owners in finding more customers by utilizing advanced mobile marketing techniques combined with effective Internet Marketing strategies.

Ad Genius has helped many customers realize their marketing desires and goals creating campaigns that have proven to be effective and profitable.  We will show you with very detail reporting on exactly how your promotions are doing so you know where and how to spend your money.

D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

Well for years I wanted to start my own Marketing Company and get out of corporate America. One year ago I said next year I would be ready to fire my boss and step out on faith. Almost to the day I resigned and launched my very own Mobile Marketing Agency called Ad Genius and I must say, this is the fulfillment of a dream that was started many years ago.

E is for Education. What is your educational background and how do you use it daily?

I attended North Carolina Central University were I received a Degree in Business. However I feel you never stop learning though, in order to stay competitive you must do your homework. I have been in the Wireless industry for over 25 years and use to own a successful Sprint Retail store.

I realized that when you are dealing with a constant moving industry like technology, you must move and adapt with it. It requires you to be abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

I read a book or watch videos every day in order to learn something new.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

My best resource would have to be my mind, mouth and work ethic.  First you must come up with a good sound plan, and then you must be able to articulate what you are offering in such a way that everyone will want it. And the most important thing of all is you must put action behind it. With no action, all you have is a good plan that sounds good.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

I always knew deep down since I was a teenager that owning a marketing agency was my goal in life. However I didn’t realize I was ready until about 5 years ago. I knew Mobile Marketing was going to be a very important marketing tool for businesses. Let’s take restaurants for example, Joe Pizza owner may have slow sales on Wednesdays. He decides to create a campaign where someone can text the word “Discount” to 74331. A Digital coupon will be automatically sent to the customers’ phone giving the customer a 20% discount. The Ad Genius state of the art platform will capture the phone number where Joe Pizza owner can create a data base that will allow him on slow nights to blast a text message out offering the special promotion that is good for that day only. Set it up in advance and forget it. Then sit back and watch the crowds come! This has been the case over and over again.

Once I realize how mobile marketing was helping so many businesses increase their sales by up to 35%, I knew this was going to be huge and I was poised to seize the moment and assist small to medium size businesses in taking advantage of a service that will only help increase their sales. With Mobile Marketing you get a better return on investment than most mediums combined.

I is for Individual. Name at least one individual in your network that others should learn more about and why?

The Quality Time Mentoring Program is a non-profit organization that was started to offer at risk youth mentorship and support. It was founded by the Parents of Dwight Howard the center for the Houston Rockets. Both of these people are some of the most caring and dedicated people I have ever met. They genuinely want to reach out and help these kids have a better future. I was so touched by their work I decided to become a volunteer mentor myself.

C is for Challenges. What challenges have you had to overcome?

My main challenge so far is I wear many hats as a business owner. I must challenge myself in many different ways now. I try to make these challenges opportunities.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Each of us has two ends, a sitting end and a thinking end. Success depends on which end you use.

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

Just one final thing, if there is anyone who would like more info on how mobile marketing will help increase your business, email me at You can also Friend Anthony on Facebook or Follow him on Twitter.

DERRICK Interview with RedShift Writers Founder Daniel J. Cohen

January 28, 2014

DanielCohenEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Daniel J. Cohen who is the Founder and Lead Writer of RedShift Writers, Houston’s fastest growing content writing company. Cohen and RedShift provide businesses with high quality content that helps achieve specific business objectives, particularly exposure and sales. 

D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

I envision a world where learning is a goal for everyone. Education is so essential to everything that I do. If learning and teaching were our focus, we would be learned and well-taught; peace, dedication and resilience would reign over hatred and struggle. Fear would fade. Love would prosper. That is my dream.

So far, I have brought a small piece of that to world. I would love to continue to do everything I can to contribute more.

E is for Education. What is your educational background and how do you use it daily?

My formal education is an undergraduate degree in political science from American University and a Master’s Degree in Communication with a PR focus from the University of Houston. Just as importantly, I have extensive career education based on experience. Just shy of 30 years old, I have had more than 15 jobs in ten different fields. Every job brought something to light for me. My job at the movie theater when I was in high school taught me character. My job in fast food taught me humility. My jobs in telemarketing taught me to sell. My jobs in marketing firms taught me to move quickly. My jobs teaching bilingual education and test prep taught me to teach others.

Each day, I use my ability to learn and my ability to teach to my advantage. I train 100% of my staff in-house and keep an eye out for the latest tools and technologies that I can use to my advantage. I believe in the power of education, of learning for self-improvement, of teaching others to be successful and find their own success. I do this with my clients too, showing them the best possible path to achieve their own goals by explaining what it’s going to take to conquer the market they want to conquer.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

First and foremost, I and my team are excellent writers. We craft language that positions companies to succeed in the open market. We message for businesses in unique ways that cannot be found in the standard firm or in the toolkit of the standard consultant. Our writers are capable of creating PROLIFIC amounts of well-organized content in a short period of time, and doing so with excellent service. We also provide high level messaging related to the name, slogan and category of companies.

Simply put, we are excellent wordsmiths.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

About six months into my last job, I realized I was working far too any hours to not own a company. I was a lead content writer by day for the corporate marketing arm of a classifieds company and a fast-paced free lancer by night. I began to realize the need there was in the market for good writers. The only available options were independent free lance writers and marketing firms, and both had major drawbacks. The power of a content writing stable is that you can find a writer that works for you but still has the backing of a company infrastructure.

I made plans to exit the company and start my own immediately upon that realization.

I is for Individual. Name at least one individual in your network that others should learn more about and why?

There are plenty of names I could give here. John Whaley, host of FM 92.1’s Executive Entrepreneur Hour probably knows as much or more about the economy as anyone I have ever met. Michele “@prosperitygal” Price is the queen of building an audience. But if I had to answer this question with the first name that came to mind, that would be Marc Nathan. Marc is probably the best networker I have ever met. Everyone can make a valuable business contact with Marc because everyone can make a valuable business contact through Marc. His business insight is also generally fantastic. Great person to know.

C is for Challenges. What challenges have you had to overcome?

I am very fortunate not to have what most people would call a major disease or injury. My challenges have come down to many of the standard service challenges companies face: late payments from clients, collection issues, problems with time, and more.

One thing that has been difficult for me is hiring the right people. However, I have recently brought in some great talent on a contract basis and hired one full-time staffer who has been wonderful. I still have the standard scalability issue most entrepreneurs have, and would love to figure out how to package my products to sell them better. We do fairly well overall, though.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

1) Be nice to everyone. You don’t have to be a pushover in a bid or leave yourself vulnerable. But when it comes to your general public outreach, be warm with everyone in every room you enter. Your competitors are in your industry; be nice to them. The strangers you meet are potential clients, friends, family, lovers, etc. Be nice to them, too.

2) Educate yourself. Learn. Aim to teach. Leave others with something lasting and valuable.

3) Pursue fearlessness. Fearlessness is like world peace in that you can strive for it every day but you may never achieve it. Strive for it anyway. It’s worth it.

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

Writing is an amazing skill that can bring great clarity to what you do. Try it. You may just like it. And if you need a professional content writer for your business, RedShift Writers is the company for you.

For more information:

5 Things High School Didn’t Teach You about College

January 27, 2014

BrittanyMajorBy Brittaney Major

The four years spent in high school are supposed to teach you the things you will use to prepare for the rest of your life. However, despite what they tell you, countless formulas, Law of Conservation of Mass or knowing every detail of American History doesn’t do much to prepare you for college.

I remember sitting in my room the night before I moved into my first college dorm. There were countless suitcases around me filled with stuff I collected throughout my past 18 years. But none of that helped me plan out the next four years of my life either.  I was trying to remember some type of class or curriculum that prepared me for this time of my life; but the harder I thought, the less I came up with. You’re supposed to move away from your family, share a room with someone you’ve never met before, and learn how to live on your own… with what? The advice I got most frequently was don’t flunk out, don’t get arrested, and make sure you get to all of your classes on time. Well that was all true but it didn’t really tell me much about how this college thing was supposed to work for me. So here’s a list of things that have helped me be a better and happier me.

1. You must learn to be comfortable with your quality alone time.

I was the girl in high school who had lots of friends and loved to be around people. Although that has not changed, I do value the quiet time I spend in my bedroom with my scented soy candle, listening to Jill Scott and writing in my journal. Honestly, I find myself often looking forward to that time where I can just sit alone with my thoughts and allow myself to evaluate who I am and where I want to go. And that is very healthy for any human to want. So make sure you always have some time throughout your busy week to spend time with yourself. You should use this time as an opportunity to reflect, to be completely honest with yourself and to think about your past. A part of growing up and maturing is finding who you are as a person. That can only be done when you take the time to know and learn yourself.

2. It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to be good at everything.

As sad as it is to say, life is all about finding the things that you do well and doing them. Especially in school, you have to accept that every class will not come at ease for you. The things that you work hardest for are usually the ones that you will value and take pride in the most. So with everything you do, do your best and be proud of yourself for it; even if no one else is. You have to learn to celebrate your own success because you are the only one who can evaluate your effort. Make sure you are honest with yourself. After completing an assignment, think about the things that you could have done better or differently and use that as a lesson for the next time. There will be people around you who will succeed at the things you failed. But don’t compare yourself to them because you don’t know what they had to go through to fight for their success. I always tell myself, “The only person you should try and be better than is the person you were yesterday.” That means, take your own experiences and learn from them instead of comparing yourself to someone else’s progression.

3. Learn to be your biggest fan.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Many times, people will doubt you, judge you, betray you and even criticize you, but you have to learn to ignore all of that and keep going. College is the first place that you may be forced to learn the importance of having a thick skin. You can’t allow a bad day, a bad grade or a rude comment break you. If someone doubts you, instead of reacting with sharp words, prove them wrong by doing the exact opposite of what they said you couldn’t do. Be humble, but expect great things for and from yourself and you will rise to the occasion every time.

4. Do things that make you happy often.

The little things in life end up being the ones that we value and appreciate the most. Sometimes it‘s not always about the material things or all the expensive things we acquire, but it’s those small things we really hold dear to our hearts. While in school, things tend to get alittle stressful and out of control. So it is important to find those things that will bring you back down and help you regroup. Take time for yourself and go get your nails done, go to a jazz concert or go for a walk. We spend too much time trying to satisfy and make other people happy that we end up forgetting about what’s important to us. You are all you have so why not do things to make yourself smile?

5. Be okay with knowing that your prince may not suddenly appear during these college years.

I admit, I wanted to say that I married my college sweetheart. But, in reality, that may just not happen. And just like all five of these points, you have to learn to be okay with that. It’s been said that college is one of the best times of your life. And it really is. You have a freedom that you have never experienced before. So don’t try and force yourself into a relationship. Study abroad! Go greek! Join a club or organization! Do things that will make you a better person to fall in love with.

 “There’s a blessing in every breath you take. Even when it’s hard to breathe you have yet to suffocate. I commend you for your endurance even when the air is thick– keep breathing, keep loving, keep going.”
-Alexandra Elle

Brittaney C. Major  is a Class of 2015 Mass Communication- Print Journalism major, Marketing Minor at Winthrop University. Brittaney is also a member of National Association of Black Journalist- Winthrop University Chapter, President Office of Student Activities Student Assistant, Style Guru Reporter for Seventeen Magazine, Roddey McMillan-Record, Staff Writer, Girl Talk Foundation, Inc. and Volunteer
Social Media Specialist at Jumping the Broom Bridal Magazine.