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September 16, 2020

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20 Keys to Success for College Students

July 11, 2013

CollegeStudentIn my DERRICK Interviews the last question I ask experts is “What Keys to Success can you leave for others?” Dr. Will Moreland took it one step further and suggested that I start sharing these Keys to Success in the form of articles, reports and books. With that thought in mind I looked back at my career and realized how much it would have helped me if I had a team of success stories in my corner.

Networking with and interviewing celebrities and experts has given me a front row seat into the lives of people at the top and I’m here to share their insight with you through #20 Keys to Success for College Students.

1. Set Goals. Goal setting is used by top-level athletes, successful business-people and achievers in all fields. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. By setting sharp, clearly defined goals, you can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals, and you’ll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind. To have a goal in mind is a thought. To write out your goal is to have an action plan. There are many Goal Setting tips online. Do your homework – that starts with writing out your goals. Create your plan and review your goals daily. Are the actions you are taking propelling you in the direction of your goals? If they are not, readjust and get back on track!

2. Know your Priorities. Priorities are the handful of things in your life, career or business that are important to you. Priorities are broad elements of life, and they often become misplaced somewhere amongst life’s daily routine. It is wise to have only a few priorities. If you have too many, you’re not likely to respect each of them adequately. Goals support priorities. A single priority may have one or more goals associated with it.

A goal is a statement that is specific to what you intend to accomplish, and when you intend on accomplishing it. All the goal setting and attainment you ever fantasized about or hoped for, however, won’t be fulfilling if your goals don’t support your carefully chosen priorities. Of course, your goals can change as previous ones are accomplished and if some of your life priorities change. Each goal has to support a priority, and each priority is supported by at least one goal.

3. Get Experience. There are many ways to get relevant experience – volunteering is a great start! The vast majority of grads wish they had more than one type of experience during college. Employers comparing graduating seniors as job candidates want and expect you to have experience outside the classroom. Freshman year is not too early to start! Look for volunteer work, a part-time or summer job that will be a stepping stone to something more competitive later.

Networking is extremely important in a competitive job environment. By networking throughout your degree, you are creating meaningful business relationships with peers in your field. Having a solid network and great connections upon graduation within your field will prove to be an invaluable resource.

4. Own your Calendar. Get and use a calendar. Write things down! Time management for students is a crucial component to your success. There are many things to juggle and effectively planning for them will help you deal with the stressors of college life like having papers due, studying time, social events, exam prep, part time job and seeing your family. These all put strain on the multi-tasking student. Throw in a little procrastination into the mix of a project and it could spell disaster. Being an effective planner and even planning for the unexpected can assist in juggling multiple priorities. Planning ahead will assist in not feeling overwhelmed.

5. Manage your Money. It is very easy for college students to get caught up in spending. Those people behind the table giving you a free t shirt when you sign up for a credit card are hazardous to your personal wealth! The thought of getting a credit card now that you’re an adult and having access to cash instantly is very tempting, but it also puts a lot of students in big debt when they can’t make payments on time and their credit history gets impacted.

Buy used textbooks. Walk instead of having a car. Use your student discounts. Pay your bills on time. Save then Splurge. Track your spending and save your receipts! There is a lot of non-academic spending that takes place on a daily basis. If you aren’t on top of the little spending here and there it can really add up and effect your monthly budget. Money management is a big component to your overall success. Decisions made on campus can have a ripple effect for years to follow. Enjoy your time on campus but spend wisely, you’ll be miles ahead when you are ready to move on to a full time job!

From Brenda Bourns of

6. Use your Resources. Using one’s resources is fundamental in assisting you in achieving your goal, but what does that really mean. Resources are avenues to your arrival. For example, if you have a passion for speaking, a resource for you could be a pastor of a church or a teacher at your school. Why? In order to be a good speaker, you must know how to research, write, organize thought and deliver the thoughts via teaching/instructing. How many salespersons do you know? What about community leaders, business owners who have to use presentations to obtain customers. How resourceful can YOU be?

7. Ignore the Naysayers. These are the people who are discouraging to your dreams, visions and goals. They are what I call “toxic people”. They shoot poison and every target that screams success. These people are dream-snatchers and vision-killers. Stay away and keep looking up!

8. Evaluate your Purpose. It is not enough to say that you want to be something. There must be thought, research and analysis in order for your mind to see it as real. Ask yourself pertinent questions like, what are my true talents, what are my interests, can I see myself doing this 5, 10 15 years and more…? Short term and a long term plans will keep you focused, especially doing times when you feel like giving up

9. Execute your Plan. Once you have thoroughly researched, found and evaluated your purpose, you must put the plan in motion. Begin to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and acknowledge your accomplishments along the way. Realize that success comes before work in the dictionary or if you are insane! Struggles are part of life’s way of granting you a character endorsement. Do not be afraid to more afraid of not trying! You must have thought, research and analysis.

From Doc Worley of

10. Think Healthy. College students are on their own for the first time in college. In order for them to continue the success that got them there it’s important to eat well, work out and get rest in order to be the best they can be in class and as they study. Keep the body strong and the mind will follow.

From Dr. Shakeer Abdullah of

11. Don’t Conform. I believe if success is a room, we are all born with a unique key to a unique room of that success. College is like a maze where we start to see the purpose, but the end result, or the key within us, is a long way off.

12. Expect Newness. Let new events, new, unexpected people and opportunities shape your character and let those events and instances, further illuminate who you’re supposed to be.

From Shannon Scott of

13. Find Mentorship. You will either learn by someone else’s mistakes or make the same mistakes yourself. Regardless of how smart or lucky you think you are, the school of hard knocks is waiting to teach you some lessons. Find someone who has accomplished what you want to accomplish and listen to their advice.

From Richard London of

14. Accept Responsibility. Nobody is going to push you! In college, you’re responsible for your own success. Mom and Dad aren’t there to tell you to do your homework- or remind you to do your laundry. Your professors will help, but only if you ask. They’re not mind-readers. Before you set foot on campus- accept full personal responsibility for your success.

From Jim Bouchard of

15. Stay Positive. We all start our professional journey as a novice and throughout our journey, we will face many challenges and adversities and make mistakes along the way. My advice is to remain positive and be grateful for mistakes as they are the learning tools that we need to make us more efficient and wiser.  All you need to do is learn from your mistakes and remain positive.  You might be a beginner today but can change the world tomorrow.

“Hold close to your dreams…Whatever you dream for tomorrow, whatever you hope to achieve, remember that nothing is out of your reach if you only first believe.”

From MJ Pedone of

16. Activate Connections. Find people who possess the same opinions and goals that are aligned with yours. When seeking the Win/Win relationship you raise the stakes to assure a Triple Win for ALL!

From Mechelle Tucker of

17. Keep Learning. Take extra classes and never stop studying how money works. Having the knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting best practices will help keep much more money in your possession and less money leaving you throughout your life.

18. Be Humble. At different points in our lives we can’t fathom that we don’t already “know the truth/facts/everything.” However, knowing that you don’t know everything is one of the greatest frames of mind to have, because you’ll be open enough to be constantly looking for better and more efficient solutions. Be confident that you are talented and know a great deal already, but don’t be too cocky where you miss out on growing because of arrogance. Stay open-minded.

19. Never Quit from your ultimate goal. Sometimes, you may have to pivot from your original plan on how to achieve your goals, but never quit on your ultimate goal of what would mean success for you. Sometimes, you might be on the wrong path, but just change direction, alternate the plan, and keep moving towards that goal…and don’t stop until you get there!

From Louis Tanguay of

20. Be Flexible. I know being flexible may not sound like a profound key to success but truly I tell you from experience that the most perfect plan for success will, at some point, be disrupted and possibly be turned completely upside down and inside out. The wise person knows that its not what happens to us or what we achieve that determines our success but it is how we respond to the unexpected emergency, the unforeseen chaos, and the life altering tragedies that occur while we are on our journey to becoming successful. This is what determines who will be able to stand the test of time, and the trials and tribulations while on their way to unveiling their Greatness.

Flexibility is your secret weapon. Flexibility in the sense of being able to be spiritually connected to God no matter what we face in life for He is our rock, flexibility in the sense that we know to maintain a couple of degrees of separation from anything and everything we are affiliated with so that nothing can emotionally break us, and flexibility in the sense that we understand we live in a dynamically changing time of technology advancement yet we stay true to our calling and flexible enough to adapt in order to stay relevant to the needs of our customers yet not change so much that when we look in the mirror we are surprised at who is looking back.

From Empowerment Speaker Capri Cruz of

Please share these Keys to Success with others. Have a great school year and feel free to reach out and network with the experts in this article. Remember this thought. Whether you Facebook or Twitter you have to be Linked In.

Derrick Hayes, an alumnus of Tennessee State University is available for small and large meetings, church events, academic speaking engagements and workshops. Please visit Derrick’s website at and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to  or call (706) 615-1662.

DERRICK Interview with Columbus Georgia Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

February 23, 2013

DIMayorEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Mayor Teresa Tomlinson who was elected as the 69th Mayor of Columbus, Georgia on November 30, 2010 with 68% of the vote. On January 3, 2011, she was sworn in as the city’s first female mayor. During her time as Mayor, Tomlinson has successfully taken on issues ranging from comprehensive Employee Pension Plan Reform to reforming the Muscogee County Prison after prior mismanagement.

For 16 years she practiced with the law firm of Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison and Norwood, LLC, where she specialized in complex litigation and was the firm’s only female partner. She served from 2006-2010 as Executive Director of MidTown, Inc., a non-profit community renewal organization. She is a 1983 graduate of Chamblee High School in Atlanta, Georgia, a 1987 graduate of Sweet Briar College, in Virginia, and a 1991 graduate of Emory University School of Law, in Atlanta. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson moved to Columbus in 1994 from Atlanta and married Wade H. (Trip) Tomlinson, who was raised in Columbus.

Listen to our Exclusive DERRICK Interview below or for more information visit the City of Columbus, Ga.

DERRICK Interview with America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer Dr. Will Moreland

February 14, 2013

DrWillEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Dr. Will who is one of the top speakers under 40 in America. Known as America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer, he is committed to helping individuals, organizations and companies release their Genius Potential. A respected leadership expert, keynote speaker and author, Dr. Will is living a life to leave a legacy.

 D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

I have many dreams that formalize into one big dream of helping people “LIVE GENIUS.” This means that you are “Living In Victory Everyday, while Getting ENgaged In Unique Significance™.” So my entire life is dedicated to helping people achieve the Genius Life. I have been blessed and fortunate to wake up each morning and truly do what I love. My efforts have been recognized by others which has led to receiving a few accolades over the years. But my main motivation is always to serve others and release my God giving Genius Potential.

E is for Encourage. What encourages you?

I am encouraged by so many things, my family and friends. The opportunity to reach more people with information I feel will transform their lives. I’m encouraged by believing the world is becoming a better place. The more technology allows us to connect around the world, the more we will understand we are all the same running in the same race called life. Being surrounded by love each day encourages me.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

My experiences in life would have to be my greatest resources I believe. My journey started in Compton, California, raised by a single mother in what was at the time classified as the worse city in America. I have had the great pleasure to travel to over 25 countries on four different continents to teach and train leaders. I served my country for 8 years in the United States Army and lived in Europe for 14 years. Along with every test, trial and tribulation I have been graced to overcome, coupled with my relentless pursuit to Live Genius gives me a unique perspective on life and leadership.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

For as long as I can remember I knew I would be doing something in the arena of speaking. I didn’t know if I was going to be a lawyer, teacher or preacher, but I knew I would be up talking. But on my first trip to Ghana, West Africa is when it really hit me that this was my Genius Potential. When the audience responded to my presentation with a standing ovation, I knew that my principles and philosophy were universal concepts that I could share around the world.

I is for Individual. Name at least one person that you know that you feel others should learn about and why?

This is a tough question for me; so many great people are coming to mind. At the end of the day I have to choose the person that has had the greatest impact on my life. That person would have to be Jesus. I would suggest that you study his life, not for any religious reasons, but for how he was able to take an idea, mobilize a team, build an organization and market his message to the masses. A message that is still being spread 2000 years later. He was a phenomenal leader, motivator, teacher, business person and family man.  Whether you agree with his claim or not, you cannot deny his success and influence around the world.

C is for Continue. When you fail, things look bleak or are not optimistic what makes you want to continue?

I have to refer back to all my experiences that I have overcome all ready. One of my mentors always reminds me to stop and ask the following question; “Is anyone dead?” If no one is dead, then it is not that bad and you have the ability to think your way out and the people to help assist you if you want it. I have learned that failure is not final, just an opportunity to learn and grow and do something better the second, third or fourth time around.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

I would offer this advice to remember that success is only the starting point, not the finishing point. You want to live a life of significance; success opens the door of opportunity that leads to doing significant things in life. I have many mentors that help me keep success in its right place, it’s temporary, but significance is what leads to your legacy and that’s what we all should endeavor to do, live a life that leaves a legacy. So here are the keys:

1. Have F.O.C.U.S= Fixed On Continued Unique Service

2. Be G.E.N.U.I.S = Get ENgaged In Unique Significance

3. Practice M.S.I.D= Make Small Improvements Daily

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

Derrick these were some great questions, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share with your family of supporters. I would only add that I would encourage everyone to go after that big goal, dream and desire that they may have. Don’t be afraid to fail, you will only gain from failing and be closer to accomplishing what you want in life. Don’t be afraid to LIVE GENIUS!!!

Contact Information: To have Dr. Will speak at your event, conduct team training or work with him one on one, please send an email to: Email: 


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DERRICK Interview with Life Coach and Radio Personality Victor Sosa

October 31, 2012

#1 Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Victor Sosa who is a 14 year radio pro who has spent the last 9 years as a DJ at New York’s #1 rated radio station, Victor is also a Certified Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner dedicated to helping people get crystal clear about what they want.  He does this by working with you to clarify your personal or professional goals, develop strategies to achieve them, or learn to do what he struggled with for so long, which is to separate who you are from what you do.

D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

From the time I was very young, I wanted to be on the radio.  Growing up in New York City and listening to people like the late, great Frankie Crocker was such an inspiration to me.  He was captivating and brought the entertainment and fun everywhere he went.  In cutting my own path through the industry, I’ve gotten to travel to different parts of the country, do everything from being a DJ to running 3 different radio stations and prayerfully, entertain the millions of people who’ve heard my voice over the last 14 years.  Recently, I’ve begun to realize a new dream that I believe bears some similarity to radio.  Being a life coach enables to me to connect with people in a very personal way, just like good radio does.

But coaching goes even deeper because I have a hand in helping people create lasting change in their lives.  I help you step out of the prison of your past, where regrets and guilt reside because they’ve been wreaking havoc on your thoughts and your life for too long already!  As you step into the present, I’m there to help you take the wisdom gained from your past and apply it towards the creation of the life you want and deserve.

I’m still on the air in New York City; I love radio and it will always be a part of me.  But coaching is the most spiritually and emotionally satisfying thing I’ve ever done.

E is for Encourage. What encourages you?

Every single day (or night, since my current radio job is overnight) that I open my eyes.  I am so grateful and encouraged by the fact that the Good Lord saw fit to give me the opportunity of life!  Life is an opportunity every day in every way; waking up and realizing I’ve been given another opportunity to make the most of it is too big a blessing to take for granted.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

My life!  Everyplace I’ve been, everything I’ve done, all I’ve seen, heard, learned (and continue to learn daily) make up the kind of resources nobody else can or ever will acquire, because they’re mine.  I’ve been a career obsessed, self absorbed loner concerned only with how best to go about having my way with the world….and am moving more and more each day towards someone who has goals but gets more satisfaction over what the journey offers than the goal itself.  Someone who values the people around me and understands that while we are all unique, we are also all one; to harm others is to harm ourselves.  True love of self isn’t selfish; it’s the thing that enables you to give love to others freely.  I think what I’m really getting at here is that I see my greatest resource as having been on both sides of the coin; I’m on the journey from selfish to selfless.  Because of that, as a coach….well, not just as a coach, but as a human being I can relate to where you’re at right now and where you want to be.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

When I knew I couldn’t keep what I was learning and the changes I was making in my life to myself.  As I mentioned above, I was obsessed with my career.  Radio wasn’t just what I did, it was who I was; there was no separation as I saw it.  Because of that, I was hell bent on “success” as I saw it.  So if I wasn’t where I wanted to be, that equated to failure in my mind, which must mean I was a failure.  There are so many moving parts, people and extenuating circumstances in life, that to put that kind of pressure on yourself is a recipe for disaster.  And a disaster it was.  I was forever unhappy, always feeling “stuck” in one job, eyeing the next one because that would bring success….except when I got that next job, it was the job after that which would truly make me successful.  The need for validation, the self doubt, the assumptions and beliefs I carried that I allowed to limit me left me feeling like a victim.  I felt powerless to keep all these horrible things from happening to me.  I didn’t know it at the time, but the only reason I felt powerless to change my situation was because I was GIVING MY POWER AWAY to those circumstances, beliefs and other people whom I unwittingly allowed to control my life.

I lived that way for the majority of my radio career, until a few years ago when my mom passed away and the relationship I was in ended within a couple of months of each other.  At that point, I had major decisions to make about my life and where it was headed.  When I made the decision to stop trying to live life without the direction and guidance of God, He began turning things around immediately.  I immersed myself in positive books, speakers and other materials.  I decided to try to adopt some of the beliefs and techniques I was reading about, and saw even more things change in my life for the better.  As my energy shifted from negative to positive, I knew I couldn’t remain silent.  In the radio industry alone, I knew tons of people who were at least as miserable as I had been.  Once I understood that things could change, I was overwhelmed with the desire to share that knowledge with everyone!  Your life doesn’t have to remain the same if that’s not what you want.  That’s when I knew I was ready to find an avenue to get that message out, and training to become a coach was the next natural step.

I is for Individual. Name at least one person that you know that you feel others should learn about and why?

Wow.  I could run off a dozen gurus and “experts” of the coaching game, and they’re all great.  But I’d be honored if you spent some time learning about my friend Kesha Monk.

Kesha is one of my radio mentors, and a supremely talented personality who’s entertained millions of people in LA, Chicago and New York.  For reasons I don’t know and probably wouldn’t understand, she hasn’t found another radio gig since her last one came to an end in 2008, and more than that, she’s currently battling stage 4 colon cancer.  The reason I believe you’d benefit from spending time with Kesha is because of the attitude and spirit she maintains in spite of the challenge in front of her now.  She’s created a website to document the ups and downs of her fight against cancer, and when you visit it, you’ll see why she is such a dynamic person and radio personality.  The best radio DJ’s aren’t playing a role; they establish meaningful connections with people by baring a part of their soul on a daily basis.  Kesha’s done that on the air her entire career and she’s doing it now on her website.  You don’t just feel like you know Kesha Monk; you DO know Kesha Monk.  And she’s worth the time it takes to get to know her.

C is for Continue. When you fail, things look bleak or are not optimistic what makes you want to continue?

You know, I looked at that question and realized that a few years ago, the answer would’ve been, “I don’t want to continue.”  That was kinda deep.  I needed a minute to take that in and realize how lucky and grateful I am before I could move on and actually answer you!

Actually, those sentences have the answer within them.  I know what it’s like to not want to continue for another hour, let alone another day.  And I know just how quickly it can all turn around.  When things don’t look good, I understand that they are where they are for a reason, and it doesn’t matter if I know why or not.  I know that when I place my trust in God, He’ll create the situation and opportunity that leaves me in perfect position to do my part to maneuver things into my favor.  He’s done it once, He’ll do it again, and He’ll never stop doing it.  But I know He won’t do it until He knows I’m ready for that opportunity.  I know if I remain faithful and move forward, a door WILL open.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Most people who tell you that you can’t are people who won’t.

Funny thing is that sometimes they actually mean well; they don’t want to see you hurt or see you fail.  But even if they think they’re doing you a favor, don’t place yourself in the proverbial box just because they’ve never come out of theirs.

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.  (2 Corinthians 5:17)

I said it earlier, but it bears repeating; I felt powerless to change my situation for years but the truth was that I had been giving my power away because I believed I had none.  Once I understood that I did have the power to change my life and I exercised that power, things turned on a dime.  The old Victor passed away, and a new one arrived!  Things can change!  If I could do it, then you can do it!  So if you feel like a victim; like bad things are always happening to you and that you’re trapped by the circumstances of your situation, let me ask you this: how much longer are you willing to go on with things as they are?

For more information, please visit Hi Def Life Coaching.

DERRICK Interview with Coach Lorraine Esposito

October 9, 2012

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Lorraine Esposito who is a professional life and fitness coach and nationally recognized author of The Peacemaker Parent. She has been featured in broadcast, radio, print, and online media. Lorraine is also a coach training instructor and mentor coach for the world’s largest coach training organization.

D is for Dream. What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

a. My dream is to create a generation of people who can think for themselves and have the courage to do something about it.

b. My goal is to empower all people with greater personal influence.

c. I have achieved powerful influence personally which in turn has created leadership and courage in others, most importantly my two teenage sons.

E is for Encourage. What encourages you?

a. I’m encouraged by mistakes. Each time I goof, or my kids goof, I’m encouraged to find the perfection in the situation and to leverage the perfection for even greater wisdom and growth.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

a. I am a unique resource. I’ve lived so many different lives, i.e. poor and obese in the mid-west, corporate manager in the north east, fitness expert all over, author, mother, teacher, mentor, and three-time business owner. I’ve learned AND experienced so many different things that I share common ground and understanding with practically everyone. This broad base of experience allows me to connect tools, information, and insight to the individuals that I serve.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

a. I knew I was ready for my current venture because I had proven my ideas successful in a variety of ways. Personal victory wasn’t enough to give me the confidence to suggest and advise others, so I sought and received support from professionals. The blessings and support given early in my first shaky steps were essential to my courage to live into my passion.

I is for Individual. Name at least one person that you know that you feel others should learn about and why?

a. There are two individuals I highly recommend people take time to explore: one is living and the other is not.

i. My living recommended person is Becky Blanton. The journey of her life is filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Becky’s life is a living demonstration of the power of courage, resiliency, and faith.

ii. The other person I highly recommend people get acquainted with is Leonardo da Vinci—not for his legacy of art (though amazing and wonderful) but for his 7 principles of living a meaningful life. His genius is most profoundly experienced by understanding his mind.

C is for Continue. When you fail, things look bleak or are not optimistic what makes you want to continue?

a. Continuing with my passion is not an option for me. I have identified the most important reason for living my life in pursuit of leadership: Without the ability to think for themselves, the next generation of leaders will destroy the planet. With clarity like that, falling down isn’t even noticed.

K is for Key. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

a. The most important key is the most difficult to find. The key is YOU—no one else can do what you do in the way it needs to be done. Often I’ll suggest to my players (as a coach I have players not clients) that they endorse their greatest weakness. By offering even the aspects of yourself that you wish to hide, you open a world of possibilities and opportunities. Our greatest strengths are found in our humanity.

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

a. One last thing to consider is that every adult is a role model for the kids that watch. Whether you are a parent, teacher, athletic coach, religious leader, or just an everyday guy or gal, there are kids watching what you do. Your deeds speak volumes and contribute to the creation of our planet’s legacy. Please, choose your actions wisely.

Visit Lorraine Esposito for more information.

DERRICK Interview with Celebrity Trainer Christopher Sasha

October 3, 2012

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Celebrity Trainer Christopher Sasha who is a Chicago native and client of my good friend Beatrice Davis. Sasha as they call him is currently working on a program to help reverse diabetes where it helps you learn how to reduce or eliminate medications through a healthier lifestyle. For more information please contact Christopher Sasha.

D is for Dream. What is your dream or what would you will like to achieve?

I’m focused on helping people believe in themselves. At the age of eight, I was bounced around from foster home to foster home after my mother had died. It seemed as though every time I started to make new friends at the myriad of elementary schools I attended during those foster home years, it was time for me to pack my clothes and move to a different foster home – and a different elementary school. I began isolating myself from the other kids at the schools, locking myself in my bedroom at the foster homes, and despising my life.

I developed a dangerously low level of self-worth, self-respect, and confidence because I felt as though I didn’t belong anywhere. And through my adolescent and young adulthood years I nurtured a negative tape recorder in my head that repeatedly whispered to me that I was not good enough for love, friendship, happiness, or anything that bonds the human race together. That negative tape recorder in my head soon became my best friend, which led me to acting out my detrimental beliefs about myself. I was in a self-destructive mode for most of my life. Some artists use music and lyrics to get their anger out, some comedians use jokes to release their anger. Me? I used the heavy bag and weights at the gym as a way to get rid of some of my anger in life. The gym was my refuge. I felt calmer and more at peace within after physically torturing my body with insane workout sessions that sometimes lasted four hours.

Through the years, my workouts in the gym embedded in me discipline, hard work, setting goals and achieving them, pushing myself beyond what I thought were my own capabilities, and believing in myself. The gym taught me how to believe in myself. Exercise and proper nutrition can alter your body both inside and out. Oftentimes, an amazing thing happens when a person looks better and feels better about him/herself. A feeling of self-worth and confidence are usually not far behind.

E is for Encourage. What Encourages you?

I’m a sucker for the underdog. When an underdog becomes a victor, I get an adrenaline rush that reinforces me to keep moving forward with my own challenging endeavors. Whenever I feel like I can’t accomplish a goal that I set for myself, I watch the movie Rocky IV. Compared to Drago (Russian fighter), Rocky is miniscule. It’s very symbolic for me because I associate myself as the underdog Rocky going against the mammoth boxer, Drago. Every time Rocky gets knocked down, he gets back up – and eventually triumphs the fight. And that exemplifies what makes one successful in life. There will always be obstacles to overcome in anything you try to accomplish. The difference between success and failure is the acceptance to keep getting up and moving forward.

R is for Resource. What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

My personal experiences and determination to be successful brings copious amounts of understanding with people who don’t believe in themselves. I’ve been in almost all walks of life from living in poverty-stricken governmental housing projects and jail to walking among financial giants. I’ve been emaciated and weak as well as borderline obese. I was basically illiterate at age 23 but turned that around when I put myself through prestigious DePaul University as an A-B student.

I was self-destructive most of my life because I had a negative belief that I was worthless and deserved misery. I changed that negative belief during the march I took to transform my physique. The transition from low self-esteem to self-confidence evolved through a sequence of baby steps. I can relate to peoples’ demons because I have lived with countless demons myself. I pushed myself and conquered my demons, and I can help others do the same.

R is for Ready. When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

Are any of us really ready for anything we do? Most of the time when I am standing before a significant crossroad and worried about what will happen to me if I make the wrong decision, I am forced into a particular direction. One way or another, good or bad, a choice is made for me.

At age 13, for instance, my father and I got into a fistfight and he kicked me out of his home. I dreamt of the day I would leave long before that day but didn’t have the strength. Immediately after I saw the back door to his house close behind me, I knew in my heart that I wasn’t supposed to be there. And that somewhere there was a better place for me at that particular time in my life. That day was the first time I realized that I was a fighter. I learned that I’m much stronger than I perceive myself to be, and the best way for me to do anything of significance is to dive into it and trust that I’m going to be okay.

Am I ready to be doing what I’m doing now? I don’t know. But I do know that I have the focus and determination to succeed to help others transform their beliefs about their self-worth by transforming their physiques.

I is for Individual. Name at least one person that you know that you feel others should learn about, and why?

Alfred Jones. He was a friend who died several years ago. He came to America in the 1960s not knowing a word of English (except the word “okay”), less than $100, and a determination to live the American dream. He eventually owned a small empire of rental properties with a net worth of over $10 million. He was successful, happily married, and a grandfather to five grandchildren. He would always tell me, “If I could do it, you can do it!”

C is for Continue. When you fall, things look bleak or are not optimistic. What makes you want to continue?

This is an interesting question because I used to quit everything. If I didn’t succeed at something with the first try, I would quit. As I got older, I learned that the only way to success is through failure. The difference for me now than a few years ago is that I reflect on my failures so that I can learn from them. You’ve heard of Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I’ve learned to take different routes when I’m trying to reach a goal and fail. Sometimes I fail miserably many times for many years before I achieve my goal – it took me seven years to earn my finance degree from DePaul University. But I’ve acquired some powerful qualities during my troubled years. Embedded traits like determination, focus, perseverance, and discipline are what I apply when taking on laborious goals. I’m constantly reminded of the saying, “Quitters never win and winners never quit.”

K is for Keys. What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Besides applying the facets I have already mentioned (discipline, focus, perseverance, and determination), I believe that one has to know WHY he/she wants to succeed in whatever it is he/she is trying to achieve. Willpower is not enough to get through obstacles that seem unattainable. Willpower is a great initial motivator. But it will slowly dissipate with each grueling obstacle that needs to be overcome. Knowing WHY the goal is important and truly believing in that reason will give tremendous strength to continue.

Also, VISUALIZE what it will be like when the goal is achieved. The greatest athletes utilize visualization before each game. Michael Jordan (regarded as the best basketball player of all time) used to visualize making the game winning shot in his mind hundreds of times before actually making the shot. Ask yourself… How will you emotionally feel when you accomplish the goal? What will others be saying when the goal is accomplished? How will you physically look when the goal is accomplished?

These answers will be compelling reasons to keep moving forward to attain the goal. Above all, you must believe in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself, how could you believe you can succeed in anything?

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

I don’t believe in the word “Impossible.” I believe in the words “I’m Possible.” This world can be a dark, vile place. Believe me. I talk from first-hand experience. It can knock you down to the ground. And when it does, you have the choice to either let it keep you down or get up and keep moving forward. The only way to be happy and successful is to choose the latter.

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Words Of Encouragement for Small Business Owners by Doc Ayers

August 27, 2012

One Simple Ingredient to Success

Stress is a natural part of everyday life that can show its head even in the life of a personal, professional, business, life coach or other service based entrepreneurs.

How solo entrepreneurs deal with personal life stressors and the stress of running a business is one of the simple ingredients that build a business they enjoy and determines who is living the sweet life of success and who is letting stress overwhelm them turning their dream business into just another job.

The Ayers Training Group offers coaches and self employed professionals guidance and resources to help them handle stress in a constructive manner so that they can live life to the fullest enjoying the benefits that attracted them to starting their own business in the first place.

As a service based solo entrepreneur providing service to others, it’s easy to fall into the trap of forgetting about self because you love to serve and benefit others. However, never be too busy for yourself!  Remember to value what you do by taking time with your own personal coach to escape the everyday stress that can drag you down into sickness and unhappiness.

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for guidance, support and accountability coaching using a system process designed to aid you in reaching the holistic goal of happiness, health, wealth and inner peace.  Keep your life on track and cope with stress in a proactive manner that allows you to get on with the tasks of building a successful business by investing in the help to escape stress and live a happier, productive more peaceful life and living life fully!

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Words Of Encouragement for Life Coaches

May 2, 2012

by Oshana  Himot

At times people change after we have completed our work with them  We may never know the positive influence of our work. We can see the results of our work with those who do the work conscientiously when we work with them.  We may not see the results with those who do the work after we have completed our work with them.

Encouraging every client to live according to their highest potential is truly a worthwhile endeavor.  Think of the people who believed in us, during a trying time in our life…. The work of a life coach is timely in a world that is changing quickly and one in which these changes can overwhelm people.  We have the opportunity to give the support that enables people to go forward, without fear and with confidence in themselves.

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I am an author, business and life coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. I work with groups and individuals to assist them to achieve greater joy and success in their life and work.  I have written a book about joy and now have a Joy and Success Product Line.