VOTE Your Best Life

June 29, 2020

LJ Holloway For Congress for the 5th Congressional District in Florida. LJ Holloway stopped by to share with others on VOTE Your Best Life to share her Vision how Others can help, Teach unregistered voters how to make an impact and how we can get out to vote during the Elections in 2020. You can contact LJ Holloway for more information at


October 22, 2011

There are people that you meet in your lifetime that are game changers. In 2008 my wife and I cruised the Fantastic Voyage with The Tom Joyner Morning Show where we met L.J. Holloway. L.J. was on a must needed vacation after having an intensive brain surgery. The journey she was on inspired her book What To Do When Life Hands You A Devastating Diagnosis.

After the cruise L.J. invited us to Jacksonville to attend her Celebration Of Life Annual Benefit. The 5th Annual Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Jacksonville Public Library atrium and courtyard and the guest speaker will be none other than Dr. Benjamin Carson.

I called to check on L.J. one day and it was like my spirit was interviewing her spirit. Through the spirit of L.J. I was given 5 things that others can do daily to succeed.

L.J. for Love Jesus. If you talk to L.J. for more than 5 minutes you will know off the bat the she Love Jesus. She tells me all the time that The Father gaves us His son so we can feel the Holy Spirit.

L.J. for Let Joy. Many stay sad and depressed simply because they won’t Let Joy in so they can Let Joy begin. Like the song says Don’t Worry Be Happy.

L.J. for Lose Junk. Are there people, places and things in your life that are not worthy of your time? Lose Junk so that you can make room for all the jewels that are ready to surround you.

L.J. for Listen Junior. Sometimes we get besides ourselves and don’t keep wise people with us. When we get out of line Listen Junior is what seniors will says to us to keep us in line.

L.J. for Lesson Journal. Don’t just write in your journal, look back from time to time and see how you were able to overcome. One day the one you confide in may not be around. In your journal you will have the insight that you can always turn to.

Since I first met L.J. she has gone from Attorney to Advocate and is the founder of All About HealthCare Advocates in Jacksonville, FL.

Devastating Diagnosis?

May 8, 2009

What would you DO if Life handed YOU a Devastating Diagnosis?
Local Author pens book motivated by personal story


NEW YORK,NY –Author L.J. Holloway to appear on Tough Talk too with Dr. Dale Anthony on WTHE 1520 on the AM Dial today at 10:30 or listen on the WEB at
What to Do When Life Hands You a Devastating Diagnosis (Do’s, Don’ts & Some Uncanny Observations) gives readers’ real-life advice on what to do and what not to do when a life changing medical diagnoses is suddenly thrust upon you or a loved one.

A self-described Health CARE Advocate, L.J. Holloway says she wrote “What to Do When Life Hands You a Devastating Diagnosis (Do’s, Don’ts & Some Uncanny Observations) because she “thought it was important for families and physicians alike to know that the psychological effects of a Diagnosis are more damning than the daunting of the physical. Moreover, Holloway wanted patients to know that they were empowered.”

LJ’s Tips
• DO independent research and ask pointed questions about your Diagnosis
• Don’t be a spectator, partner with your Physician, YOU know your body best
• DO solicit someone to serve as a Health Care Advocate (it’s hard to focus in a fight)
• Don’t discount your HEALTH invest in a Health Savings Account and/or a PPO
• Uncanny Observation: Life happens, so continue to LIVE despite the diagnosis!

U.S. Congresswoman Carrie P. Meek (RET.) and former Board member of the Lupus Foundation of America remarked – “LJ Holloway plows through trauma and Health Care drama with sincere messages of advice, wisdom and humor. It’s a MUST read for everyone.”

LJ Holloway is participating in Jacksonville ‘s Art Walk in front of the Booktique inside the Jacksonville Public Library tomorrow from 5pm to 9pm.

For more information on LJ Holloway and What to Do When Life Hands You a Devastating Diagnosis, visit

*Note: All proceeds from the sale of the audio book will be donated to a non-profit that awards 3 Scholarships to local students who major in health or medical sciences at institutions where those disciplines are under-represented.

Contact: Bernice Davis
Phone: (202) 486-5542 (LJHA)

Benefit Concert

November 10, 2008

Last week I featured L.J. Holloway of and this past weekend I did a Derricknym signing at her Celebration of Life Benefit Concert in Jacksonville, FL. The purpose for the event is to raise scholarship money for deserving students. If you want to give back and share your talents to help raise money please reach out to L.J. Holloway.

I met a lot of great people on my trip. One was Temika Moore, a soulful princess who can be found at Erika and Erin of E. Street Event Planning can be reached at Dominique Torrence, who invented a security glove called Scytodes at to help keep women from being attacked. It was also good to network again with Attorney Natalie Jackson who represents The Women’s Trial Group in Orlando.