DERRICK Interview with Daddy Everyday Author Delonso Barnes

September 30, 2013

DaddyEverydayEncouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Delonso Barnes, who is an author, filmmaker and marketing consultant based out of McDonough, Georgia, a city outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta and Thomas Edison State College in the fields of Music Entertainment Management and Marketing respectively. Barnes’ is a husband and father of two sons.

D is for Dream:  What is your dream, goals or what have you achieved?

My ultimate dream has always been to make a living (at least equal to what I am making now) in entertainment, music in specifically. However, when I became a father in 2005, the focus moved to assisting others in realizing their dreams. I guess being a father figure to my son shifted my professional aspirations. Now, using my creativity and marketing know -how is how I want to make my living and make my dream a reality

E is for Education:  What is your educational background and how do you use it daily?

My educational background consists of an AA in Music Entertainment Management from The Art Institute of Atlanta and a BSBA in Marketing from Thomas Edison State College. Life itself have educated me rather assisting bands in their marketing and promotional efforts or brainstorming with small business owners on strategizing their businesses.

R is for Resource: What resources do you bring to the table that makes you unique or stand out?

My resources are truly at their highest when I’m passionate about the project. When I’m passionate, my creativity, dedication, previous experiences and business sense really shine. I can develop simple marketing plans for projects but when my heart is in it, my strategizing is on another level.

R is for Ready: When did you realize you were ready for what you are doing now?

Currently, I’m in the middle of marketing and promoting my first book entitled, Daddy Everyday. To be honest I wasn’t ready for this or even wanted to write it. The concept of writing a book about changing the negative perception of black fathers was placed on my heart from the Almighty and intensified by raising my two sons. In addition to Daddy Everyday, I’m in production of a documentary entitled, The East Atlanta Project, about the struggles and life of black hip-hop, punk and rock musicians performing in and out of Atlanta. Music is my roots and I have always been ready for this, just didn’t know my place. I actually had to stop production of the documentary because writing Daddy Everyday was my purpose and I couldn’t do anything else until it was written.

I is for Individual: Name at least one individual in your network that others should learn more about and why?

One individual in my network others should learn more about is Roy Cummings. His thirst for knowledge and then ability to turn that knowledge into know-how e.g. like photography, graphic design and communication , makes him a valuable asset to a network.

C is for Challenges: What challenges have you had to overcome?

The challenges I have experienced throughout my pursuit of happiness, happiness being working for myself, have been self-inflicted. Procrastination and fear have crippled my progress and focus. Only way to combat procrastination and fear is quite simple in theory, but can be complicated in execution. The solution is, take action. I simply started writing for the book and filming for the documentary. Then I reached out for a little assistance, which also forced accountability on my part. Once I got things rolling, my procrastination reduced, still around though. My fears have subsided and I’m courageous in my business dealings.

K is for Key: What keys to success can you leave for upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders?

Research, plan and do it. Regardless of what people say, do it. If you fail, pivot your plan and try again. If you are passionate about your business, don’t let anything derail your focus and dedication.

Is there anything that we did not touch on that you would like to inspire others with?

If you are looking for motivation or inspiration, you don’t have to look no farther than the person in the mirror. Envision yourself living your dream and let that be your inspiration.

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Power Pair Divas Event Comes To Atlanta, Georgia

June 6, 2012

Atlanta, GA (June 9th-10th, 2012)- Pint-size marketing and public relations powerhouses, Allison Tibbs and Shay Brown (also known as the Power Pair Divas) formed a friendship that stems back a couple of years through attending conferences and seminars that addressed the growing needs of small business owners. Through this forging friendship there seemed to a reoccurring theme that startled both of the ladies. No one seemed to address costly mistakes that business owners and entrepreneurs make in their marketing and PR efforts.

Voila! Fast forward two years and several conferences, seminars, and networking events later, and the idea of Power Pair Divas is conceived. “Power Pair Divas” was initially a joking reference about the women and their “hustle” like mentality. It developed into a full blown company out of the ladies common passion for marketing and PR. Thus, Power Pair Divas was created out of necessity to provide business owners, corporate executives, and non-profit organizations with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to run successful Marketing and PR Campaigns for their businesses and organizations. “I have found that 90 percent of a business’s success falls upon how well they market their business. Many business decision makers don’t know what they don’t know and end of making costly mistakes. So my goal as a marketing coach is to help small business owners make better marketing decisions so that they will have more success in their business,” states Tibbs.

But just who are the women that call themselves Power Pair Divas? The ladies that make up the dynamic duo are marketing and PR experts with more than 15 years of combined industry experience. One half of the Power Pair Divas is Allison Tibbs, CEO of Marquise Marketing LLC. She is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and certified marketing and business coach. Allison has had the opportunity to coach, train, and provide consulting services to numerous clients all over the United States and Europe, including CEO’s, professional athletes, recording artists, and public speakers. The other half of the duo is Shay Brown, CEO of Royal Kingdom PR Agency, Inc. Brown is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, sports agent, and publicist to professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities, and corporate executives. Her high energy, passion, and knowledge of what makes great PR and knack for professional networking are sought after by many to help with strategic public relations campaigns, business development, and public image.

Brown says, “It’s been a great opportunity being able to forge such an amazing partnership with my other pair. I believe our core values stem from truly wanting to see business owners, entrepreneurs, and those alike achieve monumental success with actual hands on training. I believe this is why we’ve been so successful in our own rights. I can’t wait take on this national tour. This will be exciting.”

Power Pair Divas will embark upon a national tour of Marketing and PR Boot camps across the country to provide laser focused, hands-on training that will not only educate, but also assist in the application of the knowledge. The corporate training and speaking seminar series: Strap Up! Marketing and PR Boot camp 101 for Small Businesses begins in June in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will be held at the Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park on June 9, 2012 and June 10, 2012. The cost of general admissions is $97 and for VIP admissions $197. Following this event will be New York City: July 14th and July 15th, Chicago: August 25th and August 26th, Orange County: September 15th and September 16th, Miami: October 20th and October 21st and a Las Vegas Retreat November 8th-November 11th.

Strap up indeed. These ladies do not plan on stopping anytime soon and is already planning for 2013 national and international tours. For more information on how you can attend one of the Power Pair Divas events or for sponsorship opportunities visit the website at for more information or call 206-338-0196.

About Power Pair Divas:

Founded by marketing expert and coach, Allison Tibbs, and PR expert and consultant, Shay Brown, Power Pair Divas was created to provide small business owners, corporate executives, and non-profit organizations with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to run successful Marketing and PR Campaigns for their businesses and organizations. Ultimately, our Vision is to create an environment of small business owners who are able to have the greatest success in their businesses by leveraging successful Marketing and PR tools, strategies, and campaigns to maximize their fullest brand potential.

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Atlanta Girl 2009 Model and Actress Search

December 21, 2008

Judges from the modeling and film industry.

-Special guest include magazine editors, major casting directors, film producers, designers, media personalities.

-Heavy media coverage

Winners will receive ultimate notoriety throughout Atlanta and Nationwide.  There will be a host of prizes for the winner like:

-Portfolio shoot with 2 professional photographers

-Put in front of major casting directors
-Total acting, modeling and etiquette coaching to perfect
-Interviews with Atlanta media
-Clothes, gift certificates
-And much more

 We are looking for girls in 2 categories:

·       Young Atlanta Girl ages 7-9

·       Miss Atlanta Girl ages 10-13

 No prior experience necessary


Brought to you by The Publicity Formula

Home of the ATLANTA GIRL SEARCH  678-395-7935

 All the girls will be engulfed in a fun-filled environment of self worth, self empowerment and independence!

 Registration days: Saturday 12/20, Monday 12/21 and Tuesday 12/22

Final Competition will be in March 09

 Registration Fee only $50 (cash only) 

This is your final fee.  No other fees involved for the competition.

 Call/Email Atlanta Girl for more details 678-395-7935

Visit or send an email to for complete RSVP details