Preachers Tribute

March 17, 2019

Preachers Tribute was giving by Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” to Jimmie Fryer for his 19th Pastor’s Anniversary at Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Phenix City, Alabama. Pastor Terry Magby of New Mt. Sellers gave us the message “Can’t Help But Call His Name.” Also it was great to see Veronica Garlic do the Welcome.

How To Tie a Tie

September 21, 2017

Here is a link to a video clip so people can learn How To Tie a Tie and it is a fun way to learn to increase your fashion and swag. On Saturday April 26th, 2017 Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes at  was one of the guest speakers at the Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church 1st Annual Men’s Conference in Phenix City, Alabama.

In this video clip Derrick Hayes shares with men, women and children the importance of having options of wearing a tie and not wearing a tie and also how to expand your territory with a bowtie. Also learn how you can turn what you have into what you need by turning a regular tie into a bowtie.

Here is the chant song or anthem to help other learn how to tie a tie.

Come Around

Come Around

Bring It Up

Bring It Down

Slide It Up

That is It

Get a Job

and Never Quit