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June 23, 2019

Had to share this one and hope that you share it as well.  Recently my story was published in the online version of Lifoti Magazine and you can follow the link to check it  out and you can also see my story in the printed underground June issue of Lifoti Magazine. Lifoti magazine is music related magazine mostly focus on hip hop culture. This deals with various issues of rappers and hip hop artists, their news updates and album reviews. It also promotes indie musician around world on printed publication. Lifoti Magazine is published and distributed to over 80 countries in printed & digital version. You can get it on Amazon, Walmart, ebay, near by bookstores, newsstands, magazine gallery, institutional libraries & 200+ stores.

Words Of Encouragement For Search Engine Optimization

March 20, 2012

by Stephen Edwards

Are you looking to propel your website higher up the rankings this year? Thinking of following some engaging tips that can help you in getting the best out of your website? Well, if you are, then this article is perfect for you! In the following paragraphs, we have discussed some of the best and the most rewarding search engine optimization tips that a person can make use of in order to increase the repute of their website and gain a higher amount of followers. There are lots of people who fail to get a good understanding of search engine optimization, and if you are looking to attain a higher page rank and get a large influx of traffic, then you will have to work pretty hard for your website.

One of the best new things that you can try out this year is Squidoo Lens Creation. There are lots of web masters who are creating Squidoo lenses for their pages, and it is fast becoming as one of the most popular ways of marketing your website. If you create a Squidoo Lens for your own page and properly customize it in order to make it look good, it can easily become the source of a windfall of traffic for you. More and more people are using Squidoo Lenses in order to gain access to good and attractive websites, and if your page is properly presented in a Squidoo lens, you can really get good returns.

Apart from this, another great way to optimize your website is blog posts. Guest blogging and constantly updating your website on a daily basis are two very important things that will give you immense results if done correctly. You need to make sure that you are able to write good reviews and interesting articles for your page, as that is one of the most important things. Unless the content on your page is catchy enough, you will not be able to keep users hooked on to your page for very long. Also, written content tends to get old extremely quickly, so make sure that you rapidly upload new data on to your website at regular intervals.

Another great SEO tip that you can make use of in 2012 is to upload graphical content on to your website. It is common knowledge that Google takes in to account a whole host of things when setting up its page ranks, and pictures and videos are just two of the factors. If you know how to properly optimize your website, then you should know that both of these tips will come in a lot of handy for you. Optimizing your website is very important and there are new ways that are coming up on a constant basis, so if you are looking to set up your page and increase its rankings, utilizing these tips is very important. It will also help you in getting a better response from your website as well.

Stephen Edwards is freelance writer interested in seo, online marketing,clean my mac, and different software programs