Tell Me A Scripture

April 8, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

There is nothing like an anniversary. My wife and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage on April 12th, 2012. Life with her is fabulous and we have had some ups and downs. More ups. I remember when we were first dating like it was yesterday.

Me: Do you remember?

Kim: Yes I do

Me: What do you remember?

Kim: I remember when you use to open doors for me and pull out my chair before we eat.

Me: I remember something totally different. One day we were on the couch and I was trying to kiss you and you said

Kim: I want you like you want me but before we go there I need you to tell me something

Me: Tell you what? right now I’m willing to tell you whatever you want to hear

Kim: Tell Me (pause)

Me: Tell you what

Kim: A Scripture

Me: A scripture

Kim: Not just a scripture but if I was a scripture, what scripture would I be?

Me: Hmmm if you were a scripture you would be Song of Songs 4:7 Beautiful you are my darling, there is no flaw in you.

The next time you’re with someone and they want to go there, look them in the eyes and say “Tell Me A Scripture”

5 Things I Learned From For Better or Worse Star TASHA Smith

October 12, 2011

A few months ago I found an advertisement in the What U Need Is email newsletter for TSAW Tasha Smith Actor’s Workshop and immeidatley I discussed the opportunity over with my wife. I felt like this could be a tremendous boost for our daughter DeMya to see what the world of acting is really about and learn it from a seasoned actress. Tasha Smith has appeared in movies such as Daddy’s Little Girls, Long Shots, Jumping The Broom, Why Did I Get Married 1 and 2, Couples Retreat and currently co stars in the sitcom For Better or Worse with Michael Jai White.

Tasha Smith and Derrick Hayes at TSAW

TSAW was in Atlanta, GA on October 7th-9th, 2011 and people came from all over the United States, U.K. and Canada to learn from the best. My daughter received a priceless experience and I’m here to share the 5 Things I learned from Tasha Smith.

T is for Teacher. Just because you can  perform a craft well doesn’t mean you will be able to teach it well. Tasha Smith is a player and coach in the acting game. Whatever amount of money you spend to learn from her it will return to you ten times greater. The next TSAW won’t be until 2013 and I already envision lines being wrapped around the corner just to come learn from Tasha Smith who has the acting gift.

Tasha and Casting Director Wendy McKenzie at TSAW

A is for Available. I have been to many camps, programs and events that celebrities hosted and many did not make themselves available for pictures, questions and answers. Throughout the entire TSAW weekend Tasha Smith took pictures with everyone and allowed everyone to ask questions so they could have a more indepth look into the entertainment industry.

S is for Share. When you have success it could be easy for you to say I did it my way and my way is the only way. Tasha Smith is not like that as she constantly was sharing powerful resources. One book in particular that she expected every actor should have and read is  The Power Of The Actor by Ivana  Chubbuck.

H is for Help. Each student that attended the workshop was encouraged to turn in headshots with a bios. Tasha always stays in touch with Casting Directors and they keep her infromed as to what their needs are for various roles. This is a big help as it can open up doors for you in the future.

A is for Action. Tasha made it clear that you have to not only learn these tools at TSAW but practice them daily. In one heated session Tasha pulled out a bible and read James 1:22. where it says “Be doers of the word, and not hearers only”. Tasha’s goal for attendees when they leave TSAW is that they practice what was preached so that they will be prepared when the next audition comes.

The moral to this story is that we all need a Teacher whose Available to Share and Help us to take Action with our dreams.  Support Tasha Smith by purchasing a bottle of her new frangrance US  and tune in each Friday Night to watch Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse on TBS at 10:00 PM EST and 9:00PM CST.