Stepping STONE: 5 Things That Can Help Build Relationships In Blended Families

March 24, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

Marriage is fun but at times there can be difficulties. Being in a second marriage you learn quickly in counseling that 80% of those marriages fail and the main reason is because of the children.

As a father and husband I have helped raise someone else daughter and have been humbled because another man is helping raise mine. During a visit with my children I quickly realized they were treating their mother’s new husband the way I was being treated by my stepdaughter.

You can’t win every battle but you have to keep fighting for your family. Through the word STONE I present you with 5 Things That Can Help Build Relationships In Blended Families.

The S is for Speak. Speak to children positively when you have to give constructive criticism. A great that has worked for me is to bring in the biological parent when you have to address certain issues. Make sure both parents are on the same page.

The T is for Think. When you are out shopping or before you go see if they need anything. When you do nice things for someone they will do nice things for you. For example if you remember what type of cereal they like, it could result in you waking up to a breakfast of your dreams.

The O is for Open. Share your life when you can with your children. Explain how and why their life is different and not so different from the one you have. Youth feel at times that parents just don’t understand what it is like to be a child.

The N is for Notice. If you don’t know what your kids are good or great at ask them? Guide them according to their gifts. As parents many times we get it wrong by wanting to live through them. When you pay more attention you be the Mom or Dad that makes their honorable mention.

The E is for Ear. If you want them to listen you have to listen to them. Consider their feelings and ideas even when you know they are wrong. We all can be strong willed and off course at times in our life and they will to.

Use this article as a Stepping STONE That Can Help Build Relationships In Blended Families.