The DAILY Message for Thursday October 1st, 2015

September 30, 2015

“Things I tell I can SELL (Sharing Expertise Leverages Life).”

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The DAILY (Derricknyms, Apps and Ideas to Lift You) Message for Monday

July 15, 2013

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes brings you The DAILY Message on Monday July 15th, 2013 to empower and inspire you to your next level.

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In This Issue:

1.  The Daily Derricknym is MILE. Go The Extra MILE (Movement Inspires Leverage Everyday). Now you can Order a Personalized Derricknym with your name.

2. Today’s word is Clearance. A clothes rack sometimes represents your life. There are things you need to sell or get rid of in order to make room for the best that has yet to come. You may have to give it away to see a brighter day. This is brought to you by Motivation Your Mobile and you can download Today’s word to your Android or I Phone.

3. Idea for today is to spend some time with yourself.

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Words Of Encouragement for POETS

October 1, 2011

MarketDaysNo matter what industry you are in words play a major role in how you take action. I wanted to share a part of my life that only some know about. Since last year I realized that if you can write something today you can sell it tonight.

P is for Poetry. Everyone is a writer. Let me say this again everyone is a writer. Now it’s time to go from poetry to know of me. In your mind think of where you would like to see your words in action? Do you see your words on T-shirts, posters, banners, clothing or greeting cards? Take a little bit of time and start to rhyme and before you know it the whole world will know you are a poet.

O is for Organizing. This is when you see your work in action. I had poems written but never had them formatted in a way in which I could make money. I typed up a poem in a Word document and added a border for special effects. My writing style is 16 lines and I try to end each poem with the title. This allows me to have a consistent writing style. Here is an example of one of my poems.

They Pay Me To Dream

Copyright © 2011 by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

I never thought there would be a day like this

Where money would fall like forever mist

Internationally they know me

My words inspire continents through my poetry

The doctors call me for a cure to cancer

Questions only response is I have the answer

Children get along, sing and play songs

Young authors are free to write with no wrong

The sunlight is so right it shines

No need to take from you what’s already mine

My car fleet fills my driveway and the street

Spouse is happy and we feed those who can’t eat

No need to come with arrogant approach

I speak life until they say put me in coach

I teach my team so they don’t have to scheme

It might sound crazy but “They Pay Me To Dream”

E is for Enterprising. After you have written some poems  start seeking out resources so that you can bring your work to life. Below you will see that I choose to frame my poetry. If you want to get started this way you just need access to a computer with ink, paper and frames. You can get the frames from the Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart to get started. When you want to invest more money into your product line you can venture over to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

The T is for Tell. With your product and profit margin in place it is time to get the word out about your visionary vocabulary. A great way to start is to ask friends and family if they would like to read some of your poetry.  Check in with local book stores and libraries to see if they have opportunities for people to come out and read some of their work. The key is to inspire others with your brand of words of encouragement. I set up a poetry page on my website so that people can have a place to come get inspired even if they have no money.

The S is for Sell. Find and make a list of places to where you can sell your poetry. It’s ok to let people read and at the same time ask them to support your dream. Flea markets are in every city on the globe and provide opportunities for you to get your name out there and also make some sales. People will be up front and honest and tell you what they like about your work and also the other topics that they would like you to write about.  Here is a link to an article that I was featured in about selling at a flea market.

If you want to sell more online look into services like Pay Pal and E – Junkie so that customers can use credit cards to purchase your poetry as downloads or or in frames.

Thanks for your time now pull out your paper and rhyme. Don’t forget to organize and enterprise your work. The day that you decide to tell it is that day that you will begin to sell it.