Words Of Encouragement For Student TESTERS

March 4, 2012

by Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes

Every spring in schools all across the country students will be taking standardized tests to see how they rank in major subject areas. As America’s #1 Encouragement Speaker I have to do my part in inspiring our youth with words of encouragement to inspire their minds to great success.

Through the letters in the word TESTERS I give elementary school, middle school and high school students 7 things they can do to make a difference in their test scores.

T is for Think. Believe that you can pass the test and you will. Think through each answer so you will give yourself the best chance to finish strong.

E is for Eliminate. My brother taught me a long time ago to immediately eliminate the answers that don’t belong there. This is what helped me get into college after I had failed the ACT the first time around.

S is for Study. Take practice tests and work with others so that you will be better prepared on test day.

T is for Try. Give it your best. What you do today can make an impact on what you do tomorrow.

E is for Eat. Make sure you are eating properly even days before the test so you will have hunger for achievement and not hunger pains.

R is for Remember. Keep a fresh thought of why you are taking the test? This opportunity can change your life and the ones around you.

S is for Sleep. Get your rest especially the night before test day. Proper rest equals passing the test.

Let’s encourage our test taking youth to Think, Eliminate, Study, Try, Remember and Sleep and the success will make history.

If you work in the school system email your first name to Derrick Hayes at info@derrickhayes.com to receive an 8×11 Personalized Derricknym.