Professional Development DAILY Message for Monday May 16th, 2016

May 15, 2016

“You will win when you start your second WHEN (Work Harder Even Now).”

Derrick Hayes is available to bring Professional Development programs and training opportunities to your upcoming meetings, conferences, and events. For more information please visit email or call (706) 615-1662 to book Derrick Hayes now.

The DAILY Message for Monday October 7th, 2013

October 7, 2013

Each week day Derrick Hayes encourages you through a Derricknym, App and Idea to Lift You.

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  • Derricknym: You Will Win The Day You WHEN (Without Hesitation Exercise your Niche).
  • App: Today’s word is Laugh. People will always talk about you whether it is good or bad. If what they say is true learn from it and see how it can make you better. If what they say is funny there is nothing wrong with laughing at yourself.
  • Idea: Go the extra mile for a difficult smile.

Please visit Derrick’s website at and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to  or call (706) 615-1662.

The DAILY (Derricknyms, Apps and Ideas to Lift You) Message for Wednesday

February 20, 2013

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes brings you The DAILY Message to empower and inspire you to your next level.

In This Issue:

1. Daily Derricknym is UNDERSTAND. One day you will UNDERSTAND (Use New Dreams Empowered Resources Spiritual Tools and Now Delivery). Now you can also order your name as a Personalized Derricknym.

2. Today’s word is Reporter. You are now hired to get the word out in who, what, where, when and why. Who: Derrick Hayes. What: Encourages others. Where: Android and i-phones. When: Daily. Why: To lift others up so they will never be let down. Use this format to not only tell my story but to also tell yours. If you do it right the first time waiting on you will be an extra point. This is brought to you by Motivation To Your Mobile and you can download Today’s word to your Android or I Phone.

3. Idea for today is set a goal and put all your soul into it.

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Derrick Hayes, an alumnus of Tennessee State University is available for small and large meetings, church events, academic speaking engagements and workshops. Please visit Derrick’s website at  and to book him for a speaking engagement or media event, send an email to  or call (706) 615-1662.

Today’s word is When

May 2, 2012

If you try you will succeed. When you give others receive. When you believe others achieve. When you retire you will get to think back on what happened way back when.

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