Please visit this page from time to time as as we update you with the positive things that others have to say.

“You unknowingly engaged a group that is usualloy subdued. To receive a comment from the young lady that “you were great” was awesome.”

Dr. Eddie Obleton
Columbus State University

”I could not lie down tonight without first thanking you for being our featured guest at the Empowerment Party. Your words of inspiration and wisdom were beyond anything that I could have hoped for. The ladies needed what you said and they needed it from you….a strong, intelligent, compassionate brother. You and your family were a delightful addition to our night.”

Felicia L. Hamilton, Founder/S.O.W.E.–Society of Women Entrepreneurs

“Derrick Hayes is definitely America’s most powerful and dynamic encouragement speaker. His programs are packed with substance, purposeful interaction, and continuous humor (laughs and entertainment). If you’re looking for a consummate professional speaker or presenter who will bring to your meeting or event far more than what you will invest for his services — then Derrick is the speaker you should confirm and book right now.”

~ Ty Howard, Chairman and CEO of the Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau
Author of Untie the Knots That Tie Up Your Life
http://www.baltimorespeakersbureau.com and http://www.tyhoward.com

“Derrick Hayes is a man of God who walks in integrity. His mission in life is to be a source of encouragement to God’s people. His writing and speaking ministry has been a blessing to many and I look forward to all that God is doing in his life.”

Elder Dane T. Cunningham, Single’s Minister
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

“I was so moved when I heard Derrick Hayes speak the first time, I figured he was worth hearing again. Within ten minutes I decided that I will have him speak to the entire leadership staff in our department. The second time was better than the first. He really moved them with his positive outlook and approach to life. Many people have their personal Derricknyms posted in their work area.”

C.O. Jackman, Director
Facilities Building Services
Georgia State University

“Although hard to imagine, Derrick Hayes performance can only get better over time.”

Sonja Williams, Workforce Solution Manager
Georgia Pacific

“ You have a gift and made a difference in many lives that day.”

Adreene Brown, General Manager
Holiday Inn Select Atlanta Airport South

“Your message “WOE” inspired them.”

Diane Rowe, Program Manager Office T.E.C.H.
Goodwill Industries

“With dynamic agility, Derrick Hayes delivered piercing words of encouragement to AIU’s Lunch & Learn participants.”

Sherry A. Harris, Student Employment Coordinator
American Intercontinental University

“I have known Mr. Derrick for the past ten years. Mr. Hayes is always willing to give something back to the community through his teaching skills.”

John Garnett, Director
Tennessee Childcare Facilties Corporation

“You helped many youth be afforded an opportunity to attend and benefit from an experience that under normal circumstances, would not be possible due to restricted/limited family and/school resources”

Yvonne Thomas, County Extension Agent
Alabama Cooperative Extension System

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