Welcome To My City Series

When we hear or watch the news more times than not we learn about the negativity that is happening all over the country. It puts fear into people that want to travel. Here is your chance to shine a positive light on where you live or where you’re from.

What city are you in and what is encouraging about where you live? Anyone can focus on the negativity around us so in 100 to 500 words welcome others to your hometown in a positive way.

The title in the subject will be Welcome To My (Your City). For example if you are from Atlanta the subject will read Welcome To Atlanta.

The Benefits to the expert:

-You get the chance to send out Positive information about the city you love.

-When people are searching for things in your city they will find you.

-The link that features your blog post can be used to continuously market you.

Reply with:

1. Your name and what city are you in?

2. Blog post welcoming others to your city in a positive way. (100 words minimum to 500 words maximum)

3. Your website that can be linked from your name.

4. A picture of your city if you have one.

5. Video clip of your city if you have one. (Embeded code from You Tube is preferred)

6. Key words for your city.

Reply with all information here or send to Derrick Hayes at info@derrickhayes.com

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