communiTIE Interview


CommuniTIE Interview presented by the “enTIEtainer” Derrick Hayes

The CommuniTIE Interview uses the word TIE to help encourage others to discuss the problems, solutions and opportunities so that we can learn from each other so that each and every CommuniTIE throughout the world becomes a better place.

After traveling to CommuniTIE to CommuniTIE and empowering and uplifting people I wanted to interview people for the people to spark light to help take us out of the dark.

What city are you in and how does what you do help your CommuniTIE break through?

The T is for Trouble: What are the main problems you see in your own CommuniTIE?

The I is for Ideas, Innovation and Inspiration: What inspires you about your city that can bring new ideas with innovation and inventions to bring solutions to your neighborhoods?

The E is for Employer or Entrepreneur: If you had to be an Employer to hire people for jobs or be an Entrepreneur where you had to create jobs for people what would you be and why?

Who is one person in your network that you think should TIE into this discussion by giving us a CommuniTIE Interview and why?

If you have what it takes to make the CommuniTIE a better place please send in a short bio, picture and website or social media contacts along with the answers to the questions above.

Book or Interview the “enTIEtainer” now by visiting, emailing  or calling (706) 615-1662

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