Three A’s with Amber Hayes

AmberThreeAmber Hayes is 16 years old and is making a difference with her writing skills. Amber started her own Facebook and YouTube  pages to share her gifts. Her stage name is Double A. When she was asked her why she chose that name she said, “When I perform I want others to be energized just like a battery.”

Amber is inspired by others who try their best. Her dream is to follow her passion in music. This Montgomery, Alabama native says she is best at being herself.  Her dreams will only come true when she has accomplished all that she set out to do. Amber loves music because she enjoys doing it.

Now Amber is ready to shock the world with her own interview series entitled “Three A’s with Amber Hayes” where through the 3 A words of Academics, Adversity and Advancement experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and future stars will get to tell their story. The purpose for “Three A’s with Amber Hayes” is so that Academics will educate you on how to overcome Adversity so that one day you will have Advancement.

If you would like to support the future Communications Career of Amber please answer the “Three A’s with Amber Hayes” interview questions below and send them in along with them a photo, 50 word or less bio that also includes your blog or website link.

Three A’s with Amber Hayes Interview Questions:

1. A is for Academics. What is your take on Academics and how can you use education to change the world?

2. A is for Adversity. What obstacles have you faced and how did they make you a better person and appreciate life more?

3. A is for Advancement. What short term goals do you have and what do you plan to do in 5 and 10 years from now?

Please email answers and information to Derrick Hayes at

One Response to Three A’s with Amber Hayes

  1. Tamara Hutchinson says:

    Amber is a very gifted young lady. It pleases me to know that one so young seeks to fulfill her purpose. I hope that her words of inspiration will touch the minds and hearts of many.

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