The 7 Questions of DERRICK:

D (Derricknym) What is a Derricknym? A Derricknym is an acronym with a touch of Derrick where words are messages of encouragement.

E (Encouragement) Why are you called the Encouragement Speaker? When everyone wanted to be a Motivational Speaker I wanted to create my own lane. Life has taught me that if you encourage others when you are down they will come back and encourage you.

R (Resource) What is a DOOR Prize? When Derrick Hayes speaks at major events he offers DOOR (Derrick Offers Other Resources) Prizes where professionals can give away products or services to promote their possiblities

R (Remember) What is one of the greatest things you can remember? When you meet someone try your best to remember their name?

I (Interests) How can you use your Interests to further your business or career? The things you are interested in can be turned into business opportunities if you just pursue them. The things you are good at find ways to become great at them.

C (Confidence) How can you become more confident? Practice makes perfect. The more you work and become successful the more you will realize you can get things done.

K (Knowledge) How can one share their knowledge? Write articles, books or even share tips through apps and social media networks.

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