Happy Birthday

September 21, 2018

Happy Birthday to a Relevant One. The greatest thing that I have learned through you is to never kill anyone’s dream. Years ago you asked me to do Bow TIE Monday with you and honestly I thought you were crazy because at that moment I never even wanted to wear a tie outside of church. Godspeed ahead I’m not only wearing ties, making ties but now we are teaching youth and families all over the world how to TIE regular ties, bowties and ascots.


DERRICK Interview with Running Scared Author Robert Leon Davis

September 20, 2018

Encouragement Speaker Derrick Hayes gives a DERRICK Interview by asking 7 questions through each letter of his first name to give you an insightful perspective from other experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and up and coming super stars.

Today’s DERRICK Interview is with Robert Leon Davis who is the Author of Running Scared and in this book he details his former life of a young, 22 year old, cocky and arrogant police officer, who committed a crime in 1979, was arrested, skipped bail, and became known as one of America’s longest running fugitives without being apprehended; for 22 years.

The U. S. Marshal Service and FBI (interstate flight to avoid prosecution) searched for him for over two decades.

The book details how he lived a nomadic life in the woods and forest, and his travels throughout various cities.

It also details how he hunted and consume wild animals, how he dealt with the elements, as well as how he conquered loneliness.

The author eventually “voluntarily surrendered” in 2001, by then nearly 50 years of age, after what he described as a revelation. The Judge gave him no prison time, but released him on probation, after assessing that he “eventually incarcerated himself”.

The author travels the country for the last 16 years speaking to potential police candidates, churches, schools, and various organizations about crime and corruption.

Since his “surrendered” he’s been featured on The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, NPR stations nationally, Snap Judgement, various newspapers, and CBS did a special segment on his life.

Now a senior citizen over 60, and looking back over 40 years ago, he now appreciates freedom.

The author was (and still is) soo sickened by his past life, (especially dishonoring the badge), that as a token of his appreciation for forgiveness, profits from his books are donated to The St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and various women and children abuse organizations.

This book is an example to all that repentance can actually be demonstrated in a positive way. His motto is;

“Learn to forgive so that you may be forgiven”.

D is for My DEVOTION to revealing the secret tactics of bad/rogue law enforcers, who has dishonored the badge and the communities trust. Many, through my website and articles, have been reprimanded or jailed. It’s a token of my bad experiences as a bad cop.

E is to EDUCATE the common citizen, also through my book and online articles, that just like you have bad carpenters, bad auto mechanics, etc., why wouldn’t one believe there are bad cops? Every vocation had a bad worker.

R is for RESPECT. Even if a law enforcer has an issue with your dreads, your style, men wearing earring, or ladies with tattoos, he must still respect you as a human.

Oftentimes, not only law enforcers, but everyday people who don’t share your style, has already determined who you are based on their physical observation of you.

I’ve personally have had to get over this hump. Just wait until they open their mouths, and you may see something totally different.

R is for Repentance. Trust me, God already knew that you and I was not made perfect; by design. Once he brought the Messiah into the picture, there could be no other perfection. The closest that we will become perfect is through repentance. In essence, you get another chance.

I is for Information. Now a days, unlike many years ago, or in the case of people of color, you can Google all sorts of information.

You can discover things you never knew. For instance, through Google, I discovered that the light bulb didn’t, “only” come from Thomas Edison’s mind, but a black person was in the “back”. The main person behind the concept along with Edison was him!

C is for COLORS of people. Listen, the color of your skin is based on a simple pigmentation issue. It has nothing to do with your successes, or lack of successes. It’s the mind, or the thinking processes of the mind. An examination of any human mind is all grey, and only weight about the same weight across the board. It’s just grey matter. The inside is what matters.

K is for Kindness. Ever been at an appointment or other venue where children of different races are together? Notice how they gravitate towards each other?

They, at that point, don’t understand racism, bigotry, or even hate. They are naturally kind to each other. Maybe some of us should look at that hard. It’s deep.

Visit www.authorsden.com/robertdavis for more information.

Walk It Out

September 18, 2018

My journey is taking me places that I thought were not possible. Just this week alone I stopped into the 216 and networked in Cleveland Ohio with Stephanie L. Gregory and Candis Johnson. Then I got on the good foot and walked my way to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to check on my 215 family Samenia Mayer and tried to catch up with Rennard Clayton but he was in another part of the city selling a mansion. On my way home I got a call from Daryl Webster to come to Dallas Texas and check on him in the 214. In the next week or so I hope to hear from Otis III Noble who is in Los Ángeles California holding the 213 down for me until I make it to see my sister Pamela Foreman when I make it to Brooklyn New York for my 212 party.

Spider Web

September 17, 2018

Welcome to Bow Tie Monday where today I found a Spider web pattern because it tells a story about life. You know there could be dangers ahead but from where you stand every road looks clear until you get near the action and that is when you can get caught up in the web of life. Spiders don’t chase people but they will set a trap to catch the one or two that are slipping. Keep a clue to what is going on and you won’t get caught up by the World Wide web.

Words Of Encouragement For FATHERS

September 16, 2018

 Copyright © 2011

Mother’s Day is such a big day in the hearts of most people,  it seems as though Father’s Day goes virtually unnoticed. It will continue to be that way unless we acknowledge and equally honor the men who helped to give  us life. With this in mind, I have to thank Eugene Stewart for even asking me  to write a piece in recognition of fathers.

If you look at things from the outside you may miss out on what’s on the inside. In one person’s eyes you could seem to be upbeat, but with the next breath, someone else may feel that you are a deadbeat. As men, do the best you can while you can. Our children did not ask to be here, so let’s shine a light that they will always be proud to walk in. I did not know how big my dad’s shoes were until I became a father.

When I looked inside the word “FATHER,” I was blessed to see words and meanings that made me proud to be a man. Inspired, I took each letter in the word, assigned it a representative word, and crafted a special meaning that enriches fathers’ overall message. It’s time that we break the word down so that we can build the man up.

F – Far

You can go as far as your mind can take you. This piece was originally a poem, but when I sent it in, Shawn thought it could benefit more men if I expanded it in to an article. The vision that gave birth to this article is a treasure that we all have. One way to go far is to look within so you won’t be without. How far do you want to go?

A – After

The woman comes after the man and the child after the woman. Whether or not you desire to be in first or second place, there must be order in your court. Someone has to be the head while another might be the tail. The objective should be to avoid dragging your tail in the ground and not lead your head in the wrong direction.

T – Tear

Life attempts to tear you apart and we often shed a tear for the fathers, sons, uncles, and nephews that we have lost. Everyone goes through something. What life brings your way can build you up or break you down. In the word build is U and I, and it will take all of us to be that village that raises our children. Handle your life with care like a package that has “fragile” stamped on it.

H – Heat

Real love produces heat that will keep you warm and protect you from the bitter cold. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 it says “And these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Ali was the greatest and not just because he was the best boxer. He loved what he did. As you look at your children, think about how they came into this world. Helping bring life into this world is one of the greatest things you can ever do. The next greatest thing is helping to raise what you gave life to.

E – Earth

As long as you are on this earth you might as well get off your grass and plant some seeds into another life. Do you have a purpose-driven life? Have you found your calling? It has much to do with everything. Fruit falls right by the tree and should be ripe, not rotten. Are you in a dead-end job? You can use your talents and abilities to turn that situation into opportunities. Start today by helping someone. In turn, someone will help you. Stop acting sour and start sowing seeds so we can all share in the reaping of your harvest. If it don’t apply, let it fly.

R – Raft

Look at the word ARRIVE. Cross out the first R and place it at the end of the word. You should have A RIVER. When you arrive on time and with a purpose, things in your life will begin to flow just like A RIVER. If your life is not flowing like a river, but rather raging out of control, you may have to jump on your raft to survive.

Together we have looked at FATHER letter by letter and the discovery is that we can go FAR, if we know what we are AFTER. TEAR down your walls in your relationships so you can feel the HEAT that’s waiting for you on EARTH. Get on your RAFT so you can find your purpose that will flow your life just like A RIVER.

If we break down the word instead of the human then he will always go FATHER. FATHER than ever before—FATHER than you could have ever imagined. And if we FATHER our education we can move our trials and tribulations FATHER and FATHER away.

Derrick Hayes is the Author of 1 WORD Is All It Takes, Creator of Derricknyms, Developer of the app Motivation To Your Mobile, Nominator of Today’s Honoree, and blogs as the Encouragement Speaker. Derrick Hayes is available to present or do Derricknym signings at your next meeting, conference or event. For more information please visit http://www.derrickhayes.com

Every One Matters

September 16, 2018
Thank you De’rentez Lemons and DL Performance Training for inviting me to be a guest speaker at the Buena Vista Recreation Department Football Camp this year. When I’m asked to be part of something special I do my homework and one of the things I do is talk to people from that area like Michael Jones and Ozone Mayweather and people like Darius Moore who have also coached and worked in the area.
When I googled the history of Buena Vista I learned about the Pasaquan and Eddie Owens Martin whose initials are EOM. He was a folk artist and his life inspired me to turn his initials into a message to mean Every One Matters and I was empowered to put these letters inside of a circle to let you know that you are inside my circle and in my circle Every One Matters.
I hope to see Kevin Terrence Brown tonight especially when I’m teaching these athletes how to make their neck tie game right.

Minister Of Wellness Interview

September 16, 2018

Before you eat another meal listen to my one on one interview with The Minister Of Wellness