Bow Tie Monday

April 16, 2018

for April 16th, 2018


Global Gifts Travel

April 13, 2018
Last night Kim Hayes asked me to make a decision on where I wanted to eat based on three things she would like to do for our Anniversary and I thought Ben’s Chophouse would be the best choice. Immediately she wanted to go against my decision and head over to Cheddar’s.
Me – Make up your mind.
Her – You make a decision then
Me – I already did but you want to go against it
Her – (crazy look and growl) Ok then let’s go to Ben’s
Ben’s had less traffic, great service and as a couple was about to leave I noticed that this young man had on a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt so I had to see what he knew about the city where many of my relatives still live at today.
After networking with Garry and Sherrie Thomas for a few seconds we realized that it was meant for us to meet them. The Thomas family are the owners of Global Gifts Travel, LLC “Where Every Vacation Feels Like…
Say hello to my new friends and let’s network and build relationships

Todd Is Good

April 10, 2018

#Todd is my #middle #name so when #people #ask me #how I am I simply say “Todd is #good all the #time and all the time Todd is good.”

Bow TIE Monday

April 9, 2018

for April 9th, 2018


April 8, 2018

The ones that call you square will one day beg to be in your circle.

The One

April 5, 2018

In the word One when the e slides to the right you have On E. Your actions can make you the One or leave you with a life On E.

“enTIEtainer” Makes The News

April 4, 2018

Greetings. If you or someone that you know lives in the Champaign County area in Illinois ask them to stop what they are doing and go get a current copy of the Rantoul Press so you can read my story in how I tell stories through neck ties to empower others to greatness. If you don’t live in this area you can still go online and see the article by clicking on the link below.