Jonathan Rivers Book Signing

July 21, 2018

It was a blessing to come out today and support Jonathan Rivers at his book signing. When he told his story about how long it took for him to complete his book I received a message through the word FINISH. In this word is FIN because in order to make it through the dark or avoid the shark we have to get the water or game and swim. NISH is in there to let you know that once you are out of the starting blocks headed down the track you will see what you can or can’t do well and it will build a niche for your endeavor. In the word FINISH is ISH because you will see some ISH and have to go through some ISH in order to get to your FINISH line. SH is at the end because the more you FINISH opportunities and the way you FINISH on top the less others will have something negative to say about you. When I got in my car I thought I was FINISH with the word FINISH and then God told me to look into the middle of the word FINISH. You will see NI and when you take this out of the word FINISH it leaves you with FISH. Look into the mirror and say “NI (In I) is a FISH with a FIN and a NISH to swim through ISH so I can do this.”



July 20, 2018

Do you have a bright future?


July 19, 2018

When it looks greasy less will be around but when it looks easy more will be found. Some are here to love your dream and others to leverage your destiny.

Stay Ready

July 18, 2018

My Tie Game Stay Ready To Get Others Ready.


July 18, 2018

In the #word #poLITic is the word LIT. Many #young #men and #women say they are LIT. Are they LIT and #sleep or LIT and #woke because they could #LIT up the #world if they come together and #vote.


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July 18, 2018

In the word Fear take the E out and place it at the end and you will have FARE. The E is for Excuses. You will go FAR if Excuses are the last thing you think about.

Boys To Men

July 17, 2018

I’m a witness.