GAS Shortage

September 28, 2016

img_20160527_075201Just a few weeks ago someone from another city came to my town just to get GAS so through this keyword we will dicsuss why you should never have a shortage by a surplus.

G is for Gift. Find out what you’re good at and learn how to become great and it will take you from state to state.

A is for Adust. When things go left don’t stay hysterical work through your mistakes so you can share your miracle.

S is for Serve. The more you care and share the more people will be behind your dream to make sure you make it there.

When you have a Gift and can Adjust to trials and tribulations you will be in position to Serve and when you Serve you’ll never run out of GAS.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


DEBATE Like Its Super Tuesday

September 27, 2016

IMG_20160823_062651In a few weeks you will decide who the President is and whether you are  Republican or Democrat did you get off your rump for the DEBATE between Clinton and Trump so through this keyword learn how to DEBATE Like its Super Tuesday.

D is so you Deliver an opening statement to express your view on how to breakthrough.

E is so you Exchange and rebuttle to share what you think in a way that’s subtle.

B is so you Both give closing remarks to share what you feel that will close the deal.

A is so the Audience gets to do Q & A to get insight on what you previously had to say.

T is to Tally the votes to decide a winner or loser but you can only DEBATE your case if you become a chooser.

E is for End so that you DEBATE with no hate but look them in the eye shake hands and congratulate.

Until November 2016 DEBATE Like its Super Tuesday


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


When Your Brother Is SMART

September 26, 2016

img_20160926_060216It is cool to stay in school and even better not to be a fool and when you correctly use your art you will be viewed as being SMART so through this keyword here are 5 things you will notice When Your Brother Is SMART.

S is for Success. You will see the son shine and with his pants over his behind.

M is for Marketable. No matter what the market he will be able to create ideas to spark it.

A is for Articulate. His opportunity is not based on token, fluent in the langauge that makes him well spoken.

R is for Resourceful. When your guy knows his why he can take little and make it multiply.

T is for Transforming. Jobs and lives are changed through him and he’s been called by many names but for today its “GEM (Gentleman Empowering Mankind)”

If your brother is SMART it should inspire you to want to be SMART.

Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker

Bow Tie Monday

September 26, 2016

img_20160926_060216goodmorning. It’s #bowtiemonday and the #challenge is for every #Minister, #entrepreneur, #Attorney, #artist, #musician, #teacher, #trainer, #athlete, #student, #police, #military, #veteran, #politician, #nurse, #surgeon, #doctor,  #fashion #designer and any #blogger to wear a #bowtie today and #make this a #fun #day.


September 22, 2016

IMG_20160829_055747Everyone wants to be at the top but what happens when you are at the BOTTOM? Here are 6 things so your momentum wont stop so you can get back to the top.

B is for Breakdown. You will go through so that you can get to.

O is for Operation. Open your heart to a brand new start.

T is for Transform. Your heart opens your mind to new things.

T is for Timing. Go and life will stop your shiver and help you flow like a river.

O is for Opportunity. Job and business opportunities are waiting for you to start activating.

M is for Message that you will reveal to inspire others to take their BOTTOM To The Top.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


BACK To Your Future

September 21, 2016

img_20160919_064250There is nothing wrong with looking at past mistakes but know how to snap out of it so you can get BACK To Your Future and through this keyword here are 4 things you can do to keep your dreams coming true.

B is for Believe. Keep activating your faith through your faith giver and keep being a doer and liver.

A is for Ask. Closed mouth can’t get fed and bakers that don’t bake and sell can’t make bread.

C is for Confidence. The more you believe and ask the more you will see positve wins and connect with positive friends.

K is for Keen. Use common sense in your approach to make cents and it will keep you on the path to become not just the elephant but the relevant in the room.

Make the most of the past by getting BACK To Your Future


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


What To Do When They Critter SIZE You

September 20, 2016

IMG_20160823_062651Life can get to a point where people no longer criticize but try to treat you like an animal and Critter SIZE you so through this keyword here are 4 things to keep in mind so you won’t attempt to put a foot in someones behind.

S is for Someone. Always remember that you are someone special and not someones slave and in some moments you have to play your position and in others you have to be brave.

I is for Ignore. Know your employee handbook and the laws before you enter the door and put some things on the back burner and some just flat out ignore.

Z is for Zone. Set your stage for what you may be facing with positive messages and uplifting music posted and playing around your station

E is for Effort. I thank you personally and not just for reading what I have to say but for walking away from negative play so it never messes up your day.

The next time they Critter SIZE please keep these words in mind so you won’t lose your check from trying to get a hold of someone else neck.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker