Pictures to Dollars

June 24, 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words than one day a picture with me will give you publicity worth a thousand dollars.

Stay Ready Foundation

June 24, 2017

Thank you to Daryll Jones and Dale A. Williams and the Sportsvisions TV Show for the “Stay Ready Foundation” Professional Growth Development & Leadership Seminar for coaches at Columbus State University.

Networking is key to everything and it was a blessing to present a Derricknym name in a frame to Tim Walton who is the current Defensive Backs Coach with the NFL New York Giants.

Also I was able to catch up with Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coach Brentson A. Buckner who I had previously interviewed and here is a link to it

Giving Back at the YMCA

June 23, 2017

Personally and Professionally I F (Fellowship) with Christopher Brunson and today he invited me out to give back to youth at the A.J. McClung Ymca. The students wanted to know how to tie regular ties and bow ties and would not even go to lunch until they knew how to do it right.

Bless Others With Your Gifts

June 22, 2017

Thank you to Adrian Simmons of Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc. for inviting me to speak at the 2017 Teen Blast that took place on the campus of Albany State University

I presented ADRIAN (Always Develop Resources Into Assets Now) with a Derricknym name in a frame because like it says in Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth them before great men.” Everywhere I WOE I let the people know where my gift comes from so that we all can grow.

The key take away is that your gift will make room but make sure you bless the ones with your gift that open the doors for you to enter.

Encouragement From Children

June 22, 2017

Like in Psalms where it says strength comes out of the mouth of babes here are Words Of Encouragement that children gave back to me after my presentation at the 2017 Teen Blast.

“Mr. Hayes program was very positive and made me think harder about my dreams.” – Skyler
“I’m glad I attended because this provided me with extra motivation and inspiration to continue going down the right path.” – Coen

Meet Mario Mitchell of Thugless Gospel

June 22, 2017

At the 2017 Teen Blast I had the opportunity to do some netWOEking with Mario Mitchell of Thugless Gospel and Mario Mitchell Music. He has a calling to use his ministry to save lives. When you book him for a youth or church event he can educate and entertain your audience to victory.

Physician Assistant Purvis Collier

June 22, 2017

When you attend events like the 2017 Teen Blast you get to meet and network with other great minds. I had the opportunity to fellowship with Purvis Collier who is a Physician Assistant with the East Albany Medical Center and his message to teens was about abstinence and safe sex. Brother Collier stated that Albany is the 8th largest city in Georgia but #2 with new cases of HIV and that 1 out of 6 people that have HIV don’t even know that they have it.