Income and Outcome

December 30, 2016

img_20161130_055213As I was driving half way across the country I thought about how good 2016 was to me and immediately I asked for the motivation inspiration and encouragement to help make 2017 great for others and myself and the universe showed me that one way to turn things around is simply by turning the words income and outcome around so that they read come in and come out so in the New Year when you respect and check what you let come in to your mind body and soul you will see great things come out.

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Bow Tie Monday

December 19, 2016

20161219_060545#goodmorning. It’s #bowtiemonday and the #challenge is for every #Minister, #entrepreneur, #Attorney, #artist, #musician, #teacher, #trainer, #athlete, #student, #police, #military, #veteran, #politician, #nurse, #surgeon, #doctor,  #fashion #designer and any #blogger to wear a #bowtie today and #make this a #fun #day.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker

X Y and Z

December 18, 2016
img_20161130_055213Have you ever wondered why the alphabet ends with X Y and Z? The X is for your X Factors, Y is for You and Z is for the Zone that your gifts can take you to. You are always in between the abilities you have and the opportunities that can happen if you make things happen.
If you are a #publicist, #manager, #planner, #publicrelations, #eventprofs please make a #mental #note that Derrick Hayes at is an #Author and #MotivationalSpeaker for #Teams

HERO Hustle

December 16, 2016
img_20161130_055213Have you ever seen someone hustle and you said to yourself “that’s my HERO?” so through this word here are 4 things to admire to get back your fire.
H is for Habits. People that do things the right way seem to have doors open for them right away.
E is for Example. When they do it over and over and over again it sets the stage for who we need to have as a friend.
R is for Remember. When a person close to you is living legit the impact on your life is one that you will never forget.
O is for Overcome. When they see a hill they don’t chill they bust that obstacle in two and come back to save you.
The ones with economic muscle have HERO Hustle

Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker for Teams
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December 15, 2016

img_20161130_055213Too many of us are pressed up and stressed out and that is why we need to CALM Down so through this keyword is 4 things that will help you better do your thing.

C is for Continue. You can stop and pause and even lose your draws but make a comeback so you can get yours.
A is for Articulate. As you continue what’s on your menu you will begin to elevate when you articulate that you want and can be great.
L is for Learning. Turn the moment that had you fall on your head into a momentary lesson that help you and your team make more bread.
M is for Movement. Put on your best shirt with starch and give your back the proper arch because when they see you coming they will call you Madness like March.
In you people will see what they can be and realize they just need to CALM Down.
Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


December 14, 2016

img_20161130_055213Do you remember the math equation more than or less than? I want you to become MORE so through this word are 4 things that can open doors.

M is for Message. Learning to be able to know who and tell who you are can take your dream far.
O is for Opportunity. When you speak life into your dream a door and window will open for your team.
R is for Relationship. Realize you can’t always do it by yourself so you might have to dust your networking skills off the shelf.
E is for Energy. Sooner or later they will have to cheer when they see nothing but positive energy and no quit from their peer.
You will soar than when you realize you are MORE Than.
Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker.


December 13, 2016

img_20161130_055213When you have a dream and you wake it to make it don’t move in a difficult way, Keep It SIMPLE because through this word are six things you can do to inspire a breakthrough.

S is for Self. Look at who they see and be more than they think you can be.

I is for Invest. Take blame off your chest and put work in from son up to son rest.

M is for Make. Make decisions at first that are wise that have no surprise.

P is for Practice. Put extra work in to get better and make more cheddar.

L is for Learn. No is the greatest action verb that someone else has ever heard.

E is for Everyday. Be thankful for every lesson because when you Keep It SIMPLE it will lead you to every blessing


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker