August 18, 2017

In the word consider you have SIDE with CON for continue and R for relationship. If you want to continue the relationship start to consider who is on your side.

Shape Of Success

August 17, 2017

“Some are in bad shape because they are afraid to be a square and keep their circle small.”

QuiLt Your Dreams

August 16, 2017

The difference between quit and quiLt is the letter L. When you Learn, Lead and Love it will cover you and your destiny so that people will be standing up to receive what you have to offer. Don’t stop until you get it.

Don’t Be Lazy

August 15, 2017

With DJ Triple J. If you want your grind and hustle to pay off you can’t be lazy when it comes to networking and building relationships. In the word lazy you have AZ and LY. If you think you can always do nothing and get something your AZ is living a LY.

Hip Hop and Fashion

August 14, 2017

“You never thought that #hiphop would take it this far. Now I’m in the limelight ’cause I #rhyme tight.” – #Biggie

“You never thought that turning a regular tie into a #bowtie would take it this far. Now I’m in the limelight ’cause I #wear a #tie right.” Derrick Hayes



2 Week Notice

August 12, 2017
HERE IS YOUR 2 WEEK NOTICE: Especially for my Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Family.
Who: Male Congregation at Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church
What: Invited Derrick Headlines Hayes to be one of the Guest Speakers at the 1st Annual Men’s Conference
Where: 337 10th Avenue South Phenix City, Alabama 36869 (334) 291-7902
When: Saturday August 26th, 2017 from 9:00 Am to 12:00 PM
Why: To share my relationship with Christ through my own knowledge and experiences to engage, empower, uplift and enrich others that will be in attendance including men, women and children.
For more information please visit


August 6, 2017

When The WOE Man comes together with The Yoga Man we call it WOEga where the philosophy is simple “Stretch your Soul to reach your Goal.”