Only God Can NUDGE Me

August 31, 2016

IMG_20160823_062651Is there someone that pushes you to greatness but in your mind you think “Only God Can NUDGE Me.” God works through people so in this keyword are 5 things God will do through you know who to help you get a breakthrough.

N is to Nurture your time to be well spent so that your gift is relevant.

U is to Understand your up and down to help you smile more than frown.

D is to Demand your best from sunrise until sunset.

G is to Give you an opportunity to help your dreams live free.

E is to Expect you to make it happen like forever joy where people never stop clapping.

The one standing next to you is the same one God uses to get a check to you so the next time you think they are trying to judge they might be just  trying to give you a NUDGE.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


Your Cure Is In The BLOOD

August 30, 2016

IMG_20160608_182206At the end of 2012 I asked God for a blueprint so that I could lower my cholesterol so I would not have to take medicine. He answered immediately and said Your CURE Is In The BLOOD and through this word here are 5 steps you will see on your way to victory.

B is for Believe because if you don’t you may never recieve what your life is truly meant to be.

L is for Lifestyle that you need to change and it may cause a stir where people that are close to you look at you strange.

O is for Optimistic because even when your goal doesn’t seem realistic your passion can drive you from being just a statistic.

O is for Ongoing for you to keep flowing even when things are unknowing of what you see and where you can truly be.

D is for Destiny where you end up sitting in the Doctors office with a smile full of love and when they look at your records they even go back and double check it because they realize Your Cure Is In The BLOOD disease free so respect it.

Based on my true story.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


5 Reasons Why I Speak To YOUTH

August 29, 2016

20160701_192506Over 20 years ago I was asked to motivate children and today through the word YOUTH here are 5 Reasons Why I Speak To Youth.

Y is for Yelling because some are lost no doubt and their souls keep crying out.

O is for Opportunity to reach one and teach one and with the right seed we can peach one.

U is for Use so that young minds see how I work with words so they can feel being illiterate is for the birds.

T is for Truth that we can share with them so they can become jewels and build schools that are filled with gems.

H is for Hope that a WOE (Word Of Encouragement) can bring and not the word nope that many hear their distractors sing.

Why Do You Speak To YOUTH?

Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker

Bow Tie Monday

August 29, 2016

IMG_20160829_055747#goodmorning. It’s #bowtiemonday and the #challenge is for every #Minister, #entrepreneur, #Attorney, #artist, #musician, #teacher, #trainer, #athlete, #student, #police, #military, #veteran, #politician, #nurse, #surgeon, #doctor,  #fashion #designer and any #blogger to wear a #bowtie today and #make this a #fun #day.

The Blessings of Beech Creek Part 10

August 28, 2016

IMG_20160828_184415Welcome To The Blessings Of Beech Creek Part 10. You know it is a blessing when you get to see and visit with someone you have not seen since 1987. My good brother Lee Smith who I met in Rantoul, IL where our parents were stationed at Chanute went on to retire from the United States Air Force. Lee and I were were able to catch up in Murfreesboro before I headed back to Georgia. One of Lee’s favorite things to do now is to see how well each of his former classmates is doing. Please share if you know someone from the Village of Rantoul.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


The Blessings of Beech Creek Part 9

August 27, 2016

IMG_20160827_160815Welcome To The Blessings of Beech Creek Part 9. Deborah Culp introduced me to Aaron Jordan who is the Host-of The Know Your Worth Radio Show that  airs #live Sundays on at 4:30 PM CST and the call in number is (615) 242-7760. Aaron is also known as Mr. Know Your Know and his websites are and A great host has great Co-Hosts like Michael Warren and his website is, and Andrea Thompson and you can reach her at The blessing is that I was able to do what I love to do through speaking engagements and interviews.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


The Blessings of Beech Creek Part 8

August 26, 2016

IMG_20160826_171241#Welcome to The Blessings of #BeechCreek #Part 8. My only goal was to visit #Saul Eady, Jr. and his TRUE House of Praise family for Sunday Service but after I introduced myself as a visitor Pastor Eady let his church know that I would be coming up in a few to share a WOE, a Word Of Encouragement. This was not planned so I went to work through Proverbs 18:16 where it says “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” The Blessing is that I was ready and the audience was ready to receive.


Derrick Hayes at is an #Author and #MotivationalSPEAKER



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