Derricknym for University of Georgia Football Coach Kirby Smart

December 8, 2016

kirbysmartYour gift will make room. Today I had the opportunity to prepare my talents in a personalized Derricknynm with the name in a frame and present it to the University of Georgia Head Football Coach Kirby SMART (Strategic Mover And Relevant Thinker) before he spoke at the 9th Annual Sports Visions Columbus Valley Area High School Awards Luncheon.

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Bow Tie Monday

December 5, 2016

img_20161205_063320#goodmorning. It’s #bowtiemonday and the #challenge is for every #Minister, #entrepreneur, #Attorney, #artist, #musician, #teacher, #trainer, #athlete, #student, #police, #military, #veteran, #politician, #nurse, #surgeon, #doctor,  #fashion #designer and any #blogger to wear a #bowtie today and #make this a #fun #day.


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SAVE Your Life

December 2, 2016

20161202_061914Common sense can SAVE Your Life so through this keyword here 4 things you can do to keep blessings coming through.

S is for Study. Get off your spine and open your mind and when you see a book don’t just look.
A is for Apply. Don’t just wonder why when you can see if what you are learning works by giving it a try.
V is for Vision. Mediate on how to make your life great and don’t just think local but strive for out of state.
E is for Expand. Listen to what you study and apply your vision with an entrepreneur buddy and you will be in demand and just like Jabez you will see your territory expand.
Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker

Life You CHANGE May Be Your Own

December 1, 2016

20161201_061207Sam Cooke sang it best that “A CHANGE Is Going To Come” and through this keyword I will share with you why the Life You CHANGE May Be Your Own.

C is for Create. I begin to use my writing to make learning inviting and exciting.

H is for Habit. The more I would write the more confident I became.

A is for Appreciate. People started to say thank you for what my words would inspire them to do.

N is for Network. People started to ask who is this and wanted to do serious business.

G is for Growth. My mind became free and it has grown me spiritually and financially.

E is for Elevation. My work helps people of all walks and races and it has taken me places that don’t even have faces.

CHANGE and see what happens in your life.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker



Life Is Too SHORT

November 30, 2016

img_20161130_055213Have you ever spoke to someone on a  Monday and Tuesday they pass away. You said hello but didn’t get to say goodbye. Just like Todd Shaw raps about, “Life Is Too SHORT” and through this keyword here are 5 things you can do while you still have breath in you.

S is for Seek. Look for opportunities.

H is for How. With your will develop a trade and skill.

O is for Obstacle. No path is clear but don’t let that dream interfere.

R is for Remember. Write down your why and make that your battle cry.

T is for Testimony. Look to tell more people like you how you made it through.

Do all you can while you can until God calls your life to the CAN (Casket Avoids Nobody).


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


November 29, 2016

20161129_061535We all need a YES Man and not one that agrees with everything we say but one that can move your contract through so your concept gets pay. In the word YES is a way to hear YES Man and still get blessed.

Y is for Yearn. Even when the candles burn find a way to learn so you can earn your turn.

E is for Exchange. Get out and make your handshake and neck work so that you can build your network and networth.

S is for See. Never give up and your dreams will live up. Get your breakthrough by seeing things through.

No matter how many No’s you get today look in the mirror and say YES Man.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker


November 28, 2016

img_20161128_062238This message is not for the ones that can’t make ends meet but for the ones that have bread so that they will be inspired to SLICE Bread with others.

S is so that you for Share because your resource can help a stranger make it there.

L is so that you Lift them up with words that come from love.

I is so that you Invest your bread into their dream so they can make bread.

C is so that you Come in person before they situation is worsen.

E is so that you Examine how you Share, Lift, Invest and Come so that you can get better at making bread so that you can SLICE Bread with more people.


Derrick Hayes at is an Author and Motivational Speaker