How To Make a Pocket Square

March 30, 2020

This video was inspired by men in my life like Lagressa Mathis II, Dezerick L. Frazier, Darius Moore, Brian K Wilkins, Otis Noble III and Christopher Wilkes that use pocket squares in their wardrobe on a regular basis.

Don’t Complain…COMPETE: The 7 Things You Will Gain Along The Way

March 29, 2020

by Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer”

A few months ago I was at the IMPRESS ME Sports facility with Calvin Hodge and I purchased a wristband that read Don’t Complain…COMPETE! This inspired me to think about The 7 Things that we will gain if we just COMPETE.

C is for Confidence. The more you train to be at your best you will start to see great results when you are in the game. When you see for yourself that you are able to compete with the best that is out there it will instill confidence in you.

O is for Others. As you gain more confidence others will find ways to use your talents and put you in more positions to grow and become great. Even boxers, golfers and tennis players have others with them and behind them so never forget that it takes a team to build up your dream.

M is for Motivation. When you start to see the light that you can become you know that there is a tunnel for you to travel through.  Always wake up with the will to get the most out of your skill. Not everyone has the same talent but everyone has the opportunity to get the same results.

P is for Purpose. The more you play the game or give back to your industry the more you will learn what wakes you up and why you even want to keep on keeping on.  The less you complain and the more you train the more your purpose in life will have the opportunity to gain.

E is for Endurance. When you know your purpose more times than not you are more than willing to give it all you got to make or keep your spot. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. always says “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.” Even when you see a stop sign it does not mean it is a symbol for you to stop what you are doing forever.

T is for Test.  Any scholar or athlete that wakes up motivated with a purpose is going to be hard to beat once they put their feet on concrete.  The more you are prepared and willing to make it happen the more tests that you will pass with flying colors. There are levels for you to climb and each step you take up the mountain the closer you will be to reach your peak.

E is for Excellence. How great do you want to be? Are you the champion that you want the world to see? Ex is in the world excellence because along the way you will have to ex out people, places and things that you used to do that stand in the way of your breakthrough.  Raise your arms in the air like Rocky. You started out as a beginner and now you are a winner.

The next time you get ready to complain, think about this lesson and COMPETE.

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New Style

March 28, 2020

Collar out. Ascot in. Tie on top. For another way to win.

The Future

March 28, 2020

In this game I’m the Future because as you see I’m showing you how to wear a TIE with a Self TIE Bow TIE at the same TImE.

5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Before They PANIC

March 27, 2020

by Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer

After not being able to go to work and seeing the effects on others because of Covid19 and the Coronavirus I wanted to give some motivation and inspiration to reach those that I can so that they won’t PANIC and through this word I give you 5 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do Before They PANIC.

P is for Press. It is the time to think now and think later and one way to do that is to write and send out a press release. If you don’t know how to write one google how to write a press release or simply answer who, what, where, when and why you are in business. Post your release on social media and send out to your media contacts and it can help you get media coverage where you can be quoted or asked to be interviewed.

A is for Article. Find publications in your industry and contact them to see if they are open for new articles and even offer your expertise to write a weekly or monthly column. Newspapers, Magazines and online blogs can do one or two things and that is to pay you for your work or allow you to have a resource box at the end of your message where you get to promote you and what you do.

N is for Networking. Keep networking so that your connections will have you in position when you come out of the crisis. Have you said hello to anyone in your network lately? Do you know what they have or need for their life or business? Use your PA (Press and Articles) to reintroduce yourself to some and newly introduce yourself to others. This effectively can be done online in your social media posts and also offline by sending out a positive text message with links to your information.

I is for Inspiration. Pull out a sheet of paper and write down as many ideas as you can that can help your business grow. Give yourself a goal to brainstorm until you get 10 ideas then go for 20 and 30.  When new ideas come to you add them to your list. In your mind think of ways to make these ideas come to life and think of how you can make them work versus how they won’t work for you.

C is for Create. Take some of the ideas that you wrote down and turn those into products and services. Things won’t happen for you overnight unless get to work overnight and make them happen for yourself. Some of the work you have already done in the past can easily be turned into eBooks or reports that you can sell for profit or give away to create awareness or buzz. If you have 10 articles already written they can easily be turned into 10 chapters that can give you a nicely written 10 to 20 page book others can read that it will also give them a reason as to why they should do business with your platform.

If developing or inventing is not your cup of tea right now simply ask others what they need and find ways and the resources to serve them. Look at it like this if you are a go to person now you will also be the go to person later. Have the mindset to be in business or to help others take care of their business.

Before you PANIC ask yourself are you getting Press, writing Articles, Networking, Inspiring ideas and Creating products and services.

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LGBT Events

March 25, 2020

LBGT Events in Columbus, Georgia are brought to you and presented by Columbus Colgay Pride and Diversity Saturday and Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” was invited out to perform and share his LGBT motivational message with L for Lesson instead of Lesbian, G for Gift instead of Gay, B for Belief instead of Bisexual and T for Transformation instead of Transgender.

Thank you! That was so amazing!!! I’m going to start sharing your information today! That was an awesome motivational message that touched me so deeply! Then for you to even take the time to make that beautiful message for me… I was just speechless. Which doesn’t happen often! I love what you do!!!  It was so inspiring. I was feeling a little down and you changed my entire day! Which in turn changed other people’s day… like a ripple effect. ️Perfect example of what spreading positivity and love can and will do!

Marcie Campbell – Columbus Colgay Pride Diversity Saturday’s Volunteer Outreach/Marketing Director and Board Member

Just Walking

March 24, 2020

I’m just walking to the store. Last week when I locked myself out the house I took the trip which ended up being 30 minutes up and back. A mistake on my part gave me a new way to get through my #covid19 Day.